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Staying Motivated Through the Off-Season

It’s easy to let things slide as the weather cools and comfort foods take over our kitchens, but with Tim McComsey’s 5 tips, you can stay motivated through the off-season!

Staying motivated through the off-season can be difficult for many. The colder weather starts to set in, summer clothes get stored away, comfort winter foods are on the mind, and the holidays are quickly approaching. It’s easy to let things slide, including your health and fitness regime during this time. Here are my top 5 recommendations for staying motivated through the offseason!

Join a Winter League

Joining a league can help encourage you to stick with a physical routine. Knowing others are depending on you as well can help keep you as you gain or maintain physical health while staying active. You can get creative as well. Try something you’ve never tried before. Try a co-ed indoor soccer team or how about a fencing class! Your glutes, legs, and core will be challenged for sure!

Take a New Class at the Gym

Keeping things fun and interesting can help you stay motivated. So step outside of your comfort zone and hit up that spinning, dance, yoga, or kickboxing class you’ve thought about doing. Did you know that your body gets tired of doing the same thing? Changing things up will engage a new set of muscles, and you will be able to see different results as well.

Set New Goals for Yourself

The off-season can be prime time to sculpt your body for a new spring or summer reveal. Setting goals for yourself and having something to look forward to can mentally put you in the frame of mind to not let yourself slide. Setting and achieving personal goals is also positive re-enforcement that you can do this!

Create a Journal

Making yourself responsible for your own actions can be quite gratifying. Use it to write down your daily caloric intakes, exercise, and how you are feeling about what you accomplished or didn’t accomplish. Since most of us are visual learners, the use of a journal (and reviewing it) can help anyone make adjustments and improvements to get motivated and keep on track. Whether you track for weight loss, or, for improved energy and sleep, remember not to beat yourself up if you don’t meet your own expectation of yourself.

Reward Yourself

By setting goals and rewarding yourself after each success can help you stay motivated along the way. Want to buy a new workout outfit? Perhaps sport a new pair of cross training shoes? How about dropping twenty dollars into a jar after every successful goal has been met and save up for a rainy day? A weekend getaway? A massage? The rewards are countless, but remember to give them to yourself. By looking forward to something, you can always motivate yourself to achieve it.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a daily choice we all make. Eating healthy accompanied with a regular fitness routine will ensure the best quality of life you can give yourself. At times, you may find yourself challenged, but by following my 5 top recommendations, you can achieve motivation by following through, trying new things, and being dependable for your own health. Have fun with your fitness!

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