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Stay Active While Watching TV

Binge watch your favorite show and stay active with five easy calorie-burning steps!

Stay active while watching television with a little help from your favorite fitness trainer and dietician, Tim McComsey! Most of us watch a ton of TV, especially with the ability to binge watch whole seasons thanks to Netflix and other streaming services. Here are five steps to burn more calories and even get stronger while you catch up on your shows.


Sit on an exercise or stability ball. These improve balance and work your core. Make sure you sit up straight and tall, with shoulders back, chest high, and your stomach nice and tight. You will engage a ton of your stabilizer muscles to slim your core and burn plenty of calories. Make it harder by adding weights or resistance exercises.


Pick up the dumbbells or resistance bands. You can do this on your couch without the exercise ball. There are a lot of upper body workouts you can do. Kick it up a few notches by standing during the commercials to do extra squats, burpees, lunges, or jumping jacks.


Bike, walk, or run with a built in TV. This one takes a bit more money as you need the equipment or access to a gym with the equipment, but you get the most out of your television viewing this way. By engaging your legs, you burn more calories than ever, and you get that cardio boost you need.


Do a burst of exercises as fast as you can for short periods! This taps into the benefits of HIIT while enjoying being a couch potato. You burn more calories than ever. Take advantage of the commercials t, do squat jumps, lunges, mountain climbers, burpees, or even sprint in place. Make it intense! This is Tim’s favorite.


Practice deep breathing. Decrease stress, lower blood pressure, and feel better without doing much more than being mindful of your breathing. Breathe in deeply, hold it a few seconds, and then let it out slowly. It doesn’t get much easier! Enjoy feeling stronger and better!

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