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Spicy Roasted Beet Cashew Crème Dip with Za'atar

You cannot BEET this recipe! Flavor, nutrition, we've got it all with this spicy roasted beet cashew crème dip with za'atar!

Beets are a wonderfully vivacious veggie. The jewel-like color and the sweet taste is divine, and the fact they are so good for us is a gem in itself. Be they raw and sliced onto crackers, juiced, spiraled for salad and pasta, made into a beautiful carpaccio, or roasted like this exotic tasting dip, I am in love. Beets are great in smoothies and truffles. They’re even a perfect pair with chocolate in brownies and raw mousse-like parfaits.

This root veggie has numerous benefits: boosts stamina, increases blood flow (thanks to the natural nitrates). The betaine that beets contain help reduce inflammation and protect our cells from environmental stress. Their rich color comes from phytonutrients that research shows may help ward off cancer.

The benefits go on to include nutrient density including Vitamin B (folate) and C, essential minerals like potassium and manganese, and they support detoxification for our blood and liver. Give this recipe a taste test and add it to your list of great ways to enjoy beautiful beets every day. By the way the greens are great, too, so be sure to keep them when you buy beets with the tops.

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