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Smooth as Silk DIY Face Exfoliator and Cleanser

Put your best face forward by keeping it clean and moisturized naturally with this awesome DIY face exfoliator.

This DIY face exfoliator is comprised of only two main ingredients: coconut oil and baking soda. These two items together effectively remove excess oil, dirt, and dead skin, all while evening out your complexion. It helps keep your skin clean, glowing, supple, and moisturized. There are no harmful chemicals or toxins, and it’s very economical to make.

As you transition into a healthier, conscious living lifestyle, it is important to start considering the quality of your beauty products and if they are contributing to your immune health or not, and also how the manufacturing of them contributes to the health of the planet. Everything you put onto your skin, the body’s largest eliminative organ, affects your health. Moving towards a chemical-free lifestyle as much as possible will increase the quality of your life. And don’t forget, everything you eat affects the integrity and beauty of your skin, too!

You will need:

Aluminum-free baking soda:

This is the exfoliator, and regulates the pH level of the skin.

Raw, organic coconut oil:

This provides moisturizing and antibacterial.

Optional: Essential Oil of choice.

Essential oils offer added health benefits with a pleasing smell. If you’re purchasing essential oils, avoid oils that say “fragrance oil” or “perfume oil” as these can be synthetic and can actually be harmful if ingested or put on the body. Instead, look for oils that say “pure essential oil” or “100% essential oil” for the highest quality essential oil.

Optional: Natural Calm Magnesium Powder

Magnesium powder helps to keep acne away by absorbing excess oil I also recommend drinking this magnesium powder every night before bed to reduce stress and promote restful sleep.

So let’s get started!

  • 1/2 cup raw, organic coconut oil, melted or very soft
  • 1/4 cup aluminum-free baking soda
  • Optional: 1 teaspoon Calm Magnesium Powder
  • Optional: 5 drops Essential Oil of choice (I used a refreshing, pure, anti-bacterial Spearmint blend)

Mix everything together well so the mixture is nice and smooth. Store in small glass container or jar. Baby food containers work well, too.

Skin Types:

If you have sensitive skin: Use less baking soda. (2:1 ratio of coconut oil to baking soda). Use every other a day instead of every day.

If you have oilier skin and want more of an exfoliator, use a 1:1 ratio of oil to baking soda. Use daily.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. A little jar should last 1–2 months.

To Wash:

When washing face, apply to skin and massage gently to remove dead skin cells and dirt. You may notice a little tingle. Wash off, or leave on for 2–15 minutes as a mask for deeper cleansing.

After using it for a few days, you will notice a difference in the smoothness and the glow of your skin. Get your glow on!

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