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Sleep: Get Your Snooze On!

That urge you feel to hit the snooze button just might be exactly what you need! Sleep isn’t time wasted, but time well spent.

Who doesn’t like sleeping? Interestingly enough, a lot of people! For some, sleep is not an essential part of life due to either personal beliefs of “life is too short” or due to stress or anxiety or fear of missing out. But, many people love to sleep—a full eight hours and the chance to squeeze in a quick nap later in the day. The amount of sleep you indulge in has to match your lifestyle. If you are not involved in any kind of physical activity then sleeping more than required is not good for you, if you are active two hours each day apart from your daily work life then you deserve those ten hours of sleep a night!

From my personal experience of eight hours of sleep and staying active two to three hours a day apart from work life and everything – I was crashing! Here’s what I learned and what I did to avoid mid-day crashes

Goodbye to Sudden Needs for Naps!

It’s absolutely normal to have a mid-day slump where you have the urge to take a quick nap. But, if you feel like you can’t’ function or you are moody and you just need some peace mid-day then you probably need more hours of sleep at night. Up your sleep to an extra forty-five minutes and see how you feel.

Confused State of Hunger

If you’re running on minimal sleep then your body becomes confused and you may feel like you are on constant jetlag. Minimal sleep can leave you grumpy, hungry, sleepy, and sometimes even wired up throughout the day. When your body doesn’t get enough rest, especially when you are active, your muscles and nervous system are not rested well enough to reset when required. This means that even when you’ve eaten, your body doesn’t reset to the feeling of being full.

You are Awake but Not Really!

If you get up in the morning and don’t feel a 100% and you still have the urge to lay around and do nothing then you’re probably not getting enough sleep or enough water. Change your water intake and sleep hours and see how you feel.

Feeling Exhausted During a Workout?

Doing any physical activity like running, lifting weights, or even yoga may seem like a chore to you when your body is not well rested. When you get good amounts of sleep, your body moves into recovery mode: muscle recovery, organ recovery, your nervous system is neutralized and your brain cells are regenerated at a faster rate.

Know You Are Not Missing Out On Life!

Sleeping is important for you mentally and physically. Doing what’s good for you is not equivalent to missing out on life. Find your balance and do what’s good for your mind, body, and soul.

The human body is a wonderful machine. But, just like every other machine, it needs to sleep, restart, and be maintained so it doesn’t suddenly crash.

Eat well. Live actively. Sleep right. Repeat.

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