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Skin Brushing | Simple Detoxification and Beauty

Skin brushing is a detox method that can improve cell turn-over and lessen the appearance of cellulite. It’s a simple technique that can make a big difference—and it only takes a few minutes.

skin_brushing_simple_detoxification_picThe skin is the largest organ of the body. Much like the body’s second largest organ, the liver, the skin can get overloaded with toxins. If the lymphatic system and skin are sluggish because of excess toxins, the skin can appear dull and blemished. Skin brushing allows the pores to open, removing dead skin cells and softening the surface. Dry brushing speeds up the lymph vessels so they can more easily collect waste through the skin and take the waste through the disposal process.

To start the brushing process, find a natural bristle brush like this one here, or a spa brush found in a bath or health store. A brush with a detachable handle can make it easier to brush the hard-to-reach areas, but is not necessary.

Make sure you use a completely dry brush on dry skin, preferably in the morning before you take a shower. Starting at the feet, use long, sweeping strokes aiming towards the direction of the heart. Start skin_brushing_removes_dead_cells_imageat the legs—focusing on the backs of the knees—and move up towards the underwear line, fully working the areas where cellulite and other problems are. After you’ve brushed the legs, brush each arm toward the center of the chest.

Brush your back moving upward and into the neck area, and then the stomach, in large circles. You should be pressing hard enough to stimulate the skin surface, but not so hard that it reddens or irritates the skin. Be especially gentle around the areas where the skin is thinner and more delicate.

For more tips on how to dry brush accurately, this video is a great resource.

It is completely normal (and invigorating!) to feel a burst of energy after skin brushing, as the lymphatic system and skin organ receive a gentle nudge.

When you are finished brushing, hang your brush up nearby, and step into the shower to wash the dead cells off. You can then apply a moisturizer for added softness. Using cold-pressed coconut oil or almond oil will moisturize the skin with vitamin-rich oil without reclogging the pores with chemicals.

Tap any excess skin off the brush into the garbage, and hand wash the brush to keep it clean. Make sure to allow plenty of time for the brush to dry before using it again.

pamper_yourself_with_skin_brushing_imageDry brushing can be done once or twice a day. To give it a more luxurious spa experience, add a few drops of essential oil to the bristles. A high-quality essential oil can also speed up the detoxification process.

Some people’s skin may be sensitive to the touch, so make sure to only apply the amount of pressure you are comfortable with. As you continue with your skin brushing routine throughout the week, you should be able to increase the pressure slightly each time.

Skin brushing is one of the easiest, most effective techniques to improve the look and function of your skin. Try skin brushing for a week, and you will likely make it a regular part of your grooming/beauty routine.

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