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Simple Sunday Breakfast: Banana Blender Oat Pancakes

When life gets crazy busy, simplify. Start with breakfast and these banana blender oat pancakes!

Simplicity is necessary to help balance the crazy, hectic world we live in today. With all of the overly dramatic things we have to deal with, finding simpler ways to do things can help keep us from formally going crazy. A stress-free leisurely breakfast on the weekend is such a nice way to gently start the day and reconnect with our family and ourselves, even if it’s only this one day a week. Just because you have the extra time to prepare a nicer breakfast on this day does not mean it needs to be complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

Having a simple breakfast that is also highly nutritious is the key. A fantastic recipe that fits both these bills is banana blender oat pancakes, a favorite in my house. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes? And with this base recipe, you can add various mix-ins to give variety. All you need are a few ingredients, a blender, and a skillet. Simple. Here is the recipe:

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