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The Secrets of Health Revealed

Most people in our day eat very little nutrition; they aren’t listening to the inner self that seeks health. Eat what your body deserves.

couple_man_woman_bike_ride_nature_healthy_sunshine_smile_happy_picThe global fascination with nutrition and diet over the last few decades has brought us to an understanding of the human frame that no other civilization has ever had. The paradox of the modern age of technological innovation and information is that we are sicker and more fatigued, suicidal, depressed, and overall dysfunctional than any point in history. It is clear that people today are drowning in information and starving for wisdom.

The Inner Alchemist

This is where the inner alchemist emerges, ready to regain their health sovereignty regardless of prior conditioning, circumstances, or inner and outer traumas. Due to the state of confusion that exists in our world, all regulations, restrictions, and rules are subject to change. This includes the self-imposed limitations we create for ourselves. The role of alchemy is to transmute the ills of the world such as poverty, pain, prejudice, deficiencies, and confusion to prosperity, joy, acceptance, surplus, and clarity. A culturally habituated pattern of fight or flight (survival) has exhausted the warrior archetype in us all. Now it is time to exercise the magician that can cast a spell by simply spelling out their intention.

This is not about a one-sided approach to diet or adopting a yet another philosophy towards health. This is about moving closer into a culture that supports life and releasing ourselves from the karma of a culture that opposes life. When we incorporate the noble essences of nature’s organic abundance, we tap into a richer state of nobility and enchantment. The standard American diet founded on greed, destruction, scarcity, inhumanity, and fear has left people in a disenchanted reality. It has been my experience and the experience of hundreds of thousands worldwide that raw plant-based saturation not only drastically accelerates healing processes, it also supports the entire inner alchemical transformation. When we consume foods rich in colorful expression we begin to express ourselves a bit more colorfully.

Eating What Your Body Deserves

man_apple_cookie_choice_decision_healthy_unhealthy_fuel_preworkout_picYou are what you eat is still the golden rule; this has not suddenly changed due to industrial innovation. If anything, technological disturbances have reinforced the validity of this statement, creating a demand for worldwide education upon its meaning. This is not a rule of thumb any of us can afford to ignore as past generations have. We must be the generation that interrupts the patterns of the old and represents the possibilities of the future. We are heir to the thrones of the kings, queens, pharaohs, emperors, sages, and avatars of all time. When we treat our body like a holy temple we invite higher states of feeling, thought, and ingenuity to transmit through us. When we treat our body like a garbage bin we detain our innovative capacities for a lifetime. This lifestyle is predicated on taking 100% responsibility for our lives; if it is to be, it’s up to me.

There is no need to scour the graveyard of endless dietary theories any longer. The answers you seek reside in your heart. This information simply serves to help you uncover those secrets. Once revealed to you they become a part of you, not only for your lifetime but countless inheritors that will be transformed by you saying yes each step of the way. My articles are designed to help illuminate the vision you carry in your heart. With proper nutrition, consistent exercise, daily reading, rewarding relationships, and a profoundly positive attitude, that vision can take flight. Remember, you grow into it as you say yes to it. Nothing is gained without effort and nothing is achieved without sacrifice. Sacrifice your old vices for new habits. In order to become all that you are you must be willing to let go of all that you are not.

The routines of the past are no longer adequate for the self-liberation process. By letting go of unconscious death urges we begin to channel conscious life surges. We move forward with ease, grace, and flow which starve out guilt, fear, and shame. We include novel foods, super foods, herbs, and pristine spring waters into our lives which naturally subtracts the mediocre options without forcing the process with will power. In order to take full advantage of this material I encourage you to consider this your inner and outer make over. You are no longer the results of your past. You are a renewed being ready to rejoice in the abundance that awaits.

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