Sarah Edmondson: Visiting JivamukTea Cafe

I visited New York City recently with my husband and met up with a couple of friends during the day.

sarah_edmondson_baby_bumpI always love going to NYC while I’m in New York. It’s a place full of such soul and vibrancy. Not to mention there are so many good places to eat, drink (no alcohol for me of course), and do yoga!

I spent the day visiting a lot of my favorite places and a few new places, all vegan friendly and good for the little bun in my oven!

My first stop was for some Yoga—something I desperately needed after a decent sized train ride. One of the best studios to visit is Jivamukti. I found an incredible prenatal class which was beyond heavenly.

In addition to the adjustments, one teacher actually rubbed soothing cream into our feet, lower back, and neck in different postures. We even learned about kegels and which postures were good for pregnant women.

That wasn’t even the best part of this studio; they had an incredible vegan café attached to it! I could sit there all day and eat while meeting wonderful people from the city.

Their menu is endless. I’ll definitely come back to try more.

jivamuktea_cafe_picAfter class I decided to have the “Love” smoothie, which contained dates, banana, kale, spirulina powder, and almond milk…YUM! If I lived in Manhattan, I would be here a few times a week to practice yoga and eat like a pregnant vegan queen! The only addition I would make to the menu is the option of adding Sunwarrior protein powder into any of the smoothies. Sometimes you need a little extra boost of protein!

I highly recommend JivamukTea even if you’re not pregnant—they have such great healthy food. Totally worth a visit…or several.

Happy Eating!

Check out their menu and all locations HERE

Xo, Sarah


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