So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Quinoa Brittle

For a sweet, healthy snack with some crunch to it, you will love this quinoa brittle!

Quinoa has more protein than other grains like rice, barley, and wheat. One cup of quinoa even has two grams more protein than a large egg. The protein in quinoa is also a complete protein, offering all the essential amino acids a human requires to build strong muscle and connective tissue, and create all the enzymes we use in a myriad of ways throughout the body. This amino acid profile is similar to the balance provided by milk and it includes lysine, often missing in plant-based proteins. This is why Sunwarrior uses quinoa in their Classic Plus!

Other benefits of quinoa is that it’s gluten free, unlike many grains. It is a low calorie food and is low on the glycemic index. It comes packed with fiber and contains more calcium than other grains.

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