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Pumpkin Pie Leather

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice! Branch out your fruit leather flavors with pumpkin pie spice-y happiness!

Have you noticed? The pumpkin spice craze is still going strong—and major consumer-driven companies won’t let you forget! In addition to the seasonal lattes, there’s ice cream, donuts, cereal, beer, and even tortilla chips! Many of these concoctions don’t have a lick of pumpkin in them—so why do they taste so much like pumpkin? It’s the spice!

Like other spice blends (think curry, Chinese 5-spice and Herbes de Provence) pumpkin spice is an American blend commonly used in (you guessed it) pumpkin pie and is generally a mix of powdered cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and, in some cases, allspice. Like many other blends, pumpkin spice may also be used in general cooking according to your preference.

Make your own pumpkin spice by starting with these measurements, and adjust to your personal taste and preference.

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