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The Power of Fasting to Your Health

Over the years of plant-based and raw food saturation, a few insights have solidified in my mind and heart. One of those is fasting. It’s possible that, just perhaps, as a culture we have overburdened our bodies by consuming far more than we need on a day to day basis. The benefit of practicing a lifestyle centered in organic living foods and abstaining from the heavier dense foods of civilization is natural calorie restriction. Instead of forcing yourself to stop eating foods you are accustomed to, you simply add in colorful natural foods. This creates a crowding out effect where the nonessentials remove themselves overall, without will power or stress.


As we acclimate our bodies to natural foods and upgraded water sources we find we need far less to get far more out of life. Eventually we begin experimenting with different forms of fasting practices such as organic juice fasting, feasting, or cleansing. We may do a week long liquid fast where we only consume juices, smoothies, herbal teas, soups, and water. This has a profound benefit to the biochemical and digestive processes of our body-temple. Natural foods pioneer Bernard Jenson used to say,“When we are green on the inside, we are clean on the inside.” Taking a break from solid foods periodically is a pre-requisite to activating the dormant faculties of our potential.

There are a number of ways one can step into fasting. The easiest way is to take one day of the week, such as Sunday, to devote to rest, rejuvenation, and reflection. Use this day to abstain from solid foods and only drink liquids. Play with it; this is not a form of self-deprivation. This is about exploring new and exciting methods for activating genius in your life.

Consider this excerpt from my book The Life Food Peak Performance System:

Fasting, in general terms, is about taking a break from food in order to replenish the entire human being, which is what the act of sleeping does for us. One of the primary obstacles body contends with is not properly resting during times of sleep due to the process of digesting foods that have not yet been broken down and dispersed throughout the body. This can take a lot of energy from the body, depending on the density of the food, and the closer the meal is eaten to the time you sleep, the harder it will be to efficiently recharge your energy. This helps explain why there is great wisdom in the way our ancestors lived. They did not have 24 hour access to food as we do, and because of this, their meals were much more spaced out, which allowed for greater recovery of the body along with improving mental and emotional health.”

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