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Is it Possible to Cultivate Inspiration?

We have all experienced that ecstasy that embodies real inspiration. In moments of inspiration we suddenly are capable of seeing truth; we gain incredible insight, clarity, and purpose or independency. Let’s face it; we have all also experienced what life can feel like with lack of inspiration. We become confused, stagnate, bored, and at best confused. Maintaining a sense of optimism for life without inspiration can feel like wearing a smile when you want to cry on the inside.

writing_crumpled_paper_picWe have all heard the metaphors: you can’t paint over a rusted car, you can’t put a band aid on unhealed wounds, and so on. These metaphors are much what it feels like to go through our days in search of inspiration and unable to find it.

It seems like moments of inspiration are just spontaneous moments we have to sit around and wait for. The great question is then: is there an approach to create inspiration?

Being someone with a great deal of passion for life, I personally found it a challenge to ever accept that life would at times be boring or stagnant, so my quest to discover where inspiration came from and how to harness it began. Let’s first discuss a little bit about what inspiration truly is. According to several historical sources, the root word, inspire, correlates to in spirit or to breathe in spirit. The idea that you are spirit and act from spirit when inspired is simply implying that inspiration becomes a simple thing and makes everything as simple as breathing. Thinking of an inspired time in your life you can see the following characteristics:

• You gain insight that enables you to know your own heart

• Clarity enables you to accept things as they are without illusions or judgments

• Independence empowers you to view people and situations with compassion

little_girl_mirror_picWhen we think about these characteristics during a moment of inspiration we can clearly see how one adopts these qualities. For the fitness enthusiast reading this, think of that moment you became so inspired to change your life and body. Were these qualities present or not?

• Did you decide in your mind that you would listen to your heart and feed its desire to become fit and reach your fullest potential?

• Was there incredible clarity that your goal was obtainable? Did the illusion of things “blocking” you from becoming fit vanish? Or did they just change and you accepted them as a part of your growth?

• With the feeling of deep purpose and independence, did your view of your current situation change from resentment to compassion? For example, did feeling like a victim to your body turn into a loving opportunity to create something new?

Being a fitness and health enthusiast as well as a health coach, I can say from experience that these characteristics were present in every bit of inspiration I’ve witnessed. From gaining this insight on what inspiration really is and how it occurs, I have personally conquered my quest. Studying the greatest minds and inspirations of all time I have noticed they were average people with an ability to live their passion by cultivating inspiration at their will. I want to share with you a method I put together so you too can call upon inspiration at your will too.

girl_changing_time_clock_pic1. Creating a boundless moment. We have all heard the phrase “the time is now.” Nothing could be truer. We live in a series of present moments; however, most of us view life in a linear fashion. Einstein proved long ago with the help of quantum physics that life is indeed not linear but relative. The basic explanation to prove this statement is that with an advanced space ship one person can experience up to 7 days of life while a person on earth is experiencing only a few hours or minutes. This is a perception shift that changes our possibilities. Every second of life is an opportunity to enter this perception of boundlessness.

Think again about inspirational moments; you became open to something new and you were not reliving the past or anticipating the future. The moment you became inspired to go to the gym, you released the burden of time and lived something you’ve never lived before.One of the greatest destroyers of our goals is time. When we think about the time it might take to lose weight and put on muscle it stops most of us in our tracks. However, this is just a perception. The truth of the matter is “time” is going to pass anyway.Whether you spend your present moment in the gym, eating the right foods or sitting on the couch in boredom, time is not actually passing you by. What is passing by is your present moment.When you connect with the perception that time is unbound and just a series of present moments, you feel optimistic, open, you let things happen and you feel connected to your full potential. The way to create an unbound moment of time is to recognize wherever you go, whatever you do, you are in the same place, the present moment. And in the present moment anything can happen, the only thing the world is waiting on is for you to embrace it in its fullness.

guy_jumping_thumbs_up_pic2. Your inspirations are yours alone. When it comes to inspiration there are no two alike. Because you are a unique being, though your insights may be similar, no one has experienced your inspirations quite like you do. Before you can become inspired, you have to make a perception change in both your external world and internal world. You need to know what you believe in. If you have not yet decided on that you cannot possibly become inspired because inspiration is a joining of mind and heart. What desires your heart have are unique to you and need to be honored.

When you know what you believe in you can know the level of your internal growth, the touchstones of something eternal in you. The exercise here is both mental and physical. Go into your heart and write down any inspirations as they come to you or any you can recall from the past. Inspirations are moments of love more than anything and the more you talk about and think about love, the more it grows.

Moments of insight can only last a few seconds but they give us clues to the deepest desires of our hearts. They remind us that we are unbound and unlimited. To cultivate inspiration is to shift your perception to the perception of inspiration.

You now know inspiration’s characteristics and you can begin to look for them in all moments of your life. Recognizing that time becomes illusory during inspiration is the empowering truth that you can achieve your fitness goals, ideal health, career, and relationships. Because there is no time limit on this life. There are only beautiful moments of unlimited possibilities to be taken advantage of with full love.

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