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Picking Fit Over Skinny

Too often, people believe that being fit is about the number on the tag in their jeans, but being fit is more than that. Forget skinny. Choose to be fit.

Let me start by saying, skinny is not fit, and fit doesn’t mean skinny. Confused? Let me be a bit clearer. A lot of people want to fit in those jeans (you know which ones I’m talking about—the ones we keep hidden in our closets because we know we’re going to fit into them someday). But how we get into them is a different story. Crash dieting, binge eating, starving, and cookie dieting are short ways of getting things done. But the short ways do not yield long term results. There are also the people who are really fit and get into those goal jeans using the right path.

But this article really isn’t about what size clothing you need to get into (don’t worry about the jeans). The jeans are an example to show how we define our goals and where we place our value. We don’t place it on comfort, self-confidence, and wholesome health but, instead, on dress sizes and the Instagram likes we gain from striking the pose (you know which obnoxious selfie pose I’m referring to) while we’re wearing the jeans we starved ourselves to fit into. But those superficial things don’t matter because there is nothing more good-looking and awesome than a fitter you versus the skinnier you. Here is why you should pick fit over skinny.

Stronger You!

When a person is skinny, there is no muscle definition or abundant strength in them to do much physical activity. A fit person builds lean muscle that not only looks fit, but is useful for lifting heavy objects, running fast enough to catch that subway, and dancing in your kitchen without getting tired. Being skinny is a superficial outlook. Being truly fit shows in the way you move and carry yourself. Strength is what’s important when you need to do anything in life- work, hike, burn fat, and of course, look awesome!

Better Physique

This goes without saying; a fit person has amazing endurance, strength, and dedication, and also has the best physique. Fit people have a certain body posture that shows off the definition in their muscles. A well-defined and lean body looks better naked than a skinny one. Trust me. Our human body is an amazing machine, and when we don’t use those muscles and joints the way they need to be used, they have a tendency to sag. If we’re not working on being fit, we are just wasting this beautiful gift we live in every day. Make use of your body, and you will see wonders


One of the greatest time-savers during shopping or trying to pick an outfit is accomplished by being fit. When you are fit, you spend a lot less time trying to figure out what you look good in. When your body is at its optimal level of performance and strength, you would naturally have a good amount of self-confidence which makes you look good in literally anything you try on. Being fit is not just physical. It’s 99% mental and 1% practice. Feeling good allows you to see yourself in a more positive light, and when you’re fit you feel better.


Once you see how your body has transformed and you have done everything in the book to figure out what works for you, you will have a clarity of mind that will allow you to understand what’s real and what’s fake in the wellness industry; is that packet of granola healthy or not, is this new fitness regime a fad or does it work? This clarity will allow you to see that fitness is not a short crash course but a life long journey to embrace and practice.

Being fit is not a fashion statement. It’s not a jean size. It’s a life.

Eat right. Stay active. Be happy.

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