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Personal Development Through Diet

Success and personal development minded people commonly focus on a wide range of activities to further themselves. I have found myself over the years going across the country for seminars, listening to countless audio tapes, books, and motivational programs. I looked at every aspect of my life except the most fundamental corner stone—my diet.

After a few years of plant-based superfood saturation, it became clear that by exchanging old food habits for new ones, everything else in my life began to shift. Food is the most consistent activity we participate in. Therefore, by focusing on upgrading our food choices, we create more discipline, diligence, and mindfulness to take into other areas of our lives.


The connection between diet and one’s mission runs deep. Changing your food habits from iorganic, processed, factory farmed, genetically modified, chemicalized foods to organic, living, plant-based foods, superfoods, pure spring water, and ancient herbs is exactly like changing your value system. You value the environment more because you are no longer ingesting environmentally destructive substances. You have a shift in ethics because food that comes from this earth encodes the communication of the earth and imparts those messages unto us as we consume them. I have seen corporate businessmen turn environmental, animal rights, food quality activists in a matter of months, all because they changed what they put into their mouth.

There are incredible spiritual books and teachers in the world, but they often leave out discussion that all transformation is our food. I once believed that food was a last consideration that had little to no effect on the attributes of my life beyond satiation. I found out this was not only inaccurate, it was outrageously naive.

I grew up as a dedicated martial artist raised in the teachings of eastern philosophy, spiritual concepts, and meditation. I was also influenced as a teenager and young adult by the teachings of personal development orators such as Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and many others. Although this was all enormously beneficial for me, that information did not take effect until I integrated the whole foods, and eventually living foods, piece.

Food is information for our cellular technology, and if we are feeding our biological computer with outdated, corrosive information we will become outdated corroded models and eventually recycle back into the earth for the new models to take our place. There is nothing spiritually enlightened about being in pain, enduring chronic brain fog, breaking down, and suffering your way to good health, just as there is no spiritual prosperity from living in poverty. We must activate all the areas of our lives, and it is my estimation that the food we ingest represents the greatest catalyst for all other life pillars to expand from.

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