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Overall Wellness Detox

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to shed our winter pounds. Here is everything you wanted to know about the most effective, cost-efficient detox.

Detoxing protocols are all over the place; you can Google “detoxing” and get about a million different plans, recommendations, supplements, and whatnot. But which one is better for you? Most effective? Cost efficient? Those should all be questions we are asking as we look at the different suggestions. Detoxing can be very beneficial when performed properly but be a waste of time, money, and can actually open a breeding ground for toxins if done incorrectly.

Why do we detox? Having the diets that most Americans do, we need to eliminate the buildup of toxins in our bodies that can cause chronic inflammation and disease over time. So many people are counting calories and forgetting to count chemicals in our foods. We are exposed to a variety of preservatives, additives, dyes, and toxic elements, and our bodies are not able to break down those elements effectively and get rid of them because our bodies don’t know what to do with the toxins. People today consume an insane amount of sugar and refined flours. Our bodies cannot effectively use the abundance of sugar and flour, so it turns it into chronic inflammation which is making us sick and fat.

We detox to give our bodies a fresh start, a thriving foundation for optimal health and wellness. The process should be done in three phases.

Phase I: Remove

In this phase, we are removing toxins from the gut which is where all inflammation begins since this is the first step in rotting and ripening of our food. By use of properly thought-out nutraceuticals (vitamins and minerals) that should be tailored to you, we are able to cleanse the gut safely without the harsh side effects. Decreasing or even preferably eliminating sugars, red meats, dairy, starches, kombucha, and other probiotics, and most fruits with the exception of berries should be implemented during this phase. “Why do I have to cut out all the good stuff?” you ask. Not to torture you, I promise. During this phase, we experience what is called the “die-off effect.” All the bad bacteria, parasites, yeast, and viruses hide deep within our bodies and do not do anything except populate and destroy. When these elements start to die off, they release toxins which can make you feel like you what is called the detox effect. Headaches, runny nose, and achy muscles: all of this is the common detox effect and won’t last long. Your body is also detoxing from sugar, which by itself is not easy. The addictive similarity between sugar and drugs like cocaine and heroin is shown during any functional MRI. Our brain is triggered the same with all three substances. So, of course, we have to expect our bodies to react. Plus the toxins love sugar! They love dairy and starches; this is their food. So when toxins start to die off, they want you to reach for those delicious treats so they can repopulate. This is why it is best to eliminate toxins for optimal results.

Phase II: Rebuild

Now we dive into the cellular level as even our cells need detoxing! They are not functioning properly due to the increase in oxidative stress the chronic inflammation triggers; which gives free radicals the opportunity to take over our cells and spread like wildfire. This is where chronic disease starts as our bodies cannot fight off these free radicals, and we will not be able to detoxify fully. By using a powerful antioxidant to help increase glutathione, we can increase the protection our immune systems provide our bodies from toxins, and we enable them to better fight off free radicals. A strong antioxidant creates healthy, free radical fighting cells again!

Phase II: Repopulate

The last, final, most important phase is usually always forgotten. We have successfully detoxed our gut, organs, and cells, but now we must repopulate our bodies with the powerful good bacteria to fight off any new toxins introduced, and we must build up our immune system. With the use of a good dairy-free and soy-free probiotic, we can put good bacteria on a fresh surface to do the dirty work for us. Introducing vitamin D3, zinc, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) will help support our immune cell activity and keep us fighting off the bad bacteria and viruses that are introduced to our bodies. You can also start drinking kombucha or probiotic-rich foods and drinks again.

You will be amazed at how healthy you feel after this process which should take sixty days to be most effective. Detoxing should be done three times a year and will get easier as we get healthier. Once you slowly reintroduce the foods you eliminated, you will see how much you do not want them or crave them. You will see how they really make you feel and be able to better stay away from them.

We cannot change the hand we are dealt; our DNA is encoded within us. However, we can stop any bad genes from activating, and we can reduce bad bacteria, viruses, and candida. Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress leaves those free radicals without a chance to set in and spread. We CAN be at a point of optimal health!

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