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Organic Self Tanning Cream

Starting to feel pale enough to blend into the winter snow background? This self tanning cream brings back the sunshine!

Marzia Prince, your favorite Heathinista, takes her fitness and health expertise into the beauty and fashion world once more to help you stay tan without the chemical mess.

If you want to be tan, nothing beats the sun. Yes, there have been a lot of scares about the damaging effects of sunlight. You have to be careful and smart about sun exposure. Stick to low doses for only twenty minutes at a time, and use something to protect your skin from free radicals, like coconut oil or carrot seed oil.

You can also get a golden tan without the sun. Marzia avoids the orange, chemically fake bakes and goes with an organic self tanning cream. Her favorite is Eco Tan. This tanning lotion is organic, natural, and it works beautifully. Check them out, and see what you think of this bottle of sunshine.

Learn about the benefits of sunlight!

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