So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Old School Leg Lifts Workout


Marzia Prince, Healthy Housewife and fitness trainer, dusts off old school leg lifts. Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons knew what they were doing back in the day. These leg exercises are still super effective today. They are also simple and easy to do, something you can do at home while watching TV and wanting to take advantage of the commercial breaks. Tone and sculpt your legs with the minutes you have. All you need is a mat or carpet and you, though you can jazz it up a little with ankle weights. Marzia demonstrates the outer thigh exercise first. Lie on your side, point or flex your toes, lift, and squeeze while keeping your core tight. For inner thigh, drop your top leg down and over so you can lift and squeeze your lower leg. To do the back of your thighs, get on all fours, point or flex, lift your leg, and squeeze. For the front thigh, lie on your back, get in a one legged bridge position, lift your leg fully up and down to stretch the hip flexor muscles. Make sure you do each side on all of these exercises and enjoy the old school classics that still work.

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