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Numerous Health Benefits of Pea Protein

Numerous nutrition experts agree that pea protein is one of the most perfect proteins for human consumption. It has health benefits that surpass both animal and other vegetable proteins. Here's why.

Pea protein has been found to be amongst the most digestible sources of protein available. Studies have found it to be between 90 and 97% digestible.

Of all the protein supplements available, pea protein has also been shown to produce the least allergic reactions. Whey, egg, and soy protein supplements produce allergic reactions in part of the population and their potential for allergic reactions increases with repeated use.

Pea protein powder is produced in a very beneficial way. The result is that it does not produce flatulence or stomach discomfort because it lacks the complex plant sugars found in whole peas. The protein is first treated with enzymes that begin the breakdown process.

In a 2009 Canadian study, Scientists at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg discovered that consuming pea protein helps lower high blood pressure and also helps the kidneys flush out toxins. But according to Dr. Aluko, eating whole peas won't lower blood pressure. One needs to consume the protein that has been enzymatically treated with the naturally occurring sugars removed. This study shows that pea protein could potentially delay the onset of kidney disease in those with high blood pressure and extend the lives of those suffering with kidney disease.

Pea protein contains an ideal combination of essential amino acids for enhancing sports performance and helps revitalize your muscles when you exercise. The branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine present in pea protein help maintain your tissues during heavy exercise. The glutamine and lysine that is found in pea protein helps balance nitrogen levels in your muscles.

Pea protein mixes remarkably well with liquids and has a smooth and light texture, as well as a mildly sweet taste. I have found that even those picky eaters enjoy the taste and texture.

When you combine pea protein with hemp and cranberry protein, the resulting product contains the combined benefits of all three superfoods, yielding a plethora of health benefits that is second to none in the area of protein supplements.

Craig B Sommers ND, CN

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