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New Sunwarrior Sizes are On Their Way!

Sunwarrior is always looking for ways to make your life easier, more affordable, and healthier. Unfortunately, we’ve been doing something wrong for years, and it’s about time we rectify it.

What Won’t Change?

The Containers

Why fix what isn’t broken? The square tubs will remain the same size and shape and carry the same awesome branding that you expect from Sunwarrior. We did this to keep people from being more confused than necessary with new tubs on shelves, possibly in new locations.

We also kept the same containers to save you money. Changing the packaging would naturally cost more money for new molds, labels, lids, filling procedures, man hours, boxes for shipping, and more. You’re important to us, and we didn’t want to pass any additional costs on to you.

The Price

Our price consistently beats most of our competitors and will continue to do so.

The Contents

The protein, greens, and meal replacements will remain the high-quality you love, relying on the best superfoods we can find.

What Will Change?

The Servings

Expect to see lower servings per container soon. You may notice more settling or the powder not reaching the same heights inside the tub.

The Price

You’ll find our proteins and meal replacements offered at lower prices on shelves and online. This is due to the lower amount of servings.

Why the Change?

Match Competition

We will now be more comparable to the serving sizes found in other protein. This isn’t the sexiest reason to make a change, but it’s part of our decision process, and we want to be transparent.

We’ve been offering more servings at a lower price than our competition from the beginning, but we look more expensive at a glance next to many other tubs of protein. We feel people are skipping over a better option due to this price misperception. We don’t want people to miss out.

Easier to Try

The lower price point and lower servings make it easier to test out another flavor, protein, or meal replacement without having to spend a ton on something you’re not sure you love, yet. Feel free to try new things starting now!

Easier to Buy

We know your money is precious and hard-won. We’ve been asking a lot of you and your wallet with our large sizes. You can now buy Sunwarrior with less of an initial investment. You’re welcome.


Smaller batches mean your health and fitness products stay fresh.


The smaller servings let you cycle your proteins more easily and more often. This is a great way to get different sources and different amino acid profiles, which is always a better way to keep your muscles on their toes in the best ways.

We hope you are happy with these new changes. We are always striving to do better, make more amazing products, and illuminate the world with plant-based nutrition. Thank you.

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