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New Science on Weight Loss

A common theme that links the inability to lose weight and an assortment of other health issues and chronic illnesses is uncontrolled cellular inflammation. This inflammation can be measured in the blood by looking at inflammation markers such as C-reactive protein (CRP), serum amyloid A (SAA) and interleukin (IL)- 6 and IL-1.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that curbing inflammation in a brain region called the hypothalamus helps prevent obesity. This new study shows that inflammation may be the cause of the development of obesity. Medical science now considers obesity a chronic state of low grade inflammation.

Numerous factors can raise the inflammation level in your body. Here is a partial list with just a few of the major causes:

- Overexercising raises inflammation. Exercise is of great importance to the human body but don’t overdo it. Yes, exercise burns calories, but even caloric restriction and exercising may fail to take off weight if the inflammation level in your body becomes too high. Exercise in moderation.

- A food allergy can cause elevated inflammatory markers. Food allergies can be hard to diagnose. Blood testing and skin prick testing are not 100% accurate. Try a rotation diet and avoid the most commonly allergenic foods such as dairy and wheat.

- An overly acidic environment in the body can contribute to weight gain and Inflammation. Avoid the standard America diet (SAD) because it is too acidic and lacking in antioxidants. The SAD diet is also high in oxidized fats and overly processed refined food. Try including more whole and uncooked plant food in your diet. Also add in an antioxidant rich, green superfood. Greens are the most alkalizing food. My favorite is Ormus Supergreens from SUNWARIOR.

Simply put: Stop the bombardment of offending food, balance the pH, and reduce the inflammation. Your body will start the process of self-healing and the weight may simply come off. I have seen this method work for people in my practice time and time again.

Craig B. Sommers ND

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