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New Flavors for Warrior Blend – It’s About Time!

You’re welcome . . . you’re welcome berry much! Berry and Mocha Warrior Blend protein are here!

Sunwarrior has been teasing about new flavors for a while now. When we deliver, we do it all at once. illumin8, our organic nutritional meal shake, just came out. It hit the shelves with some great new flavors like an exciting Aztec Chocolate, a spiced Vanilla Bean, and a rich Mocha. That’s some good news for all who have been clamoring for a change in our flavor lineup, but some of you are still wondering when we’ll get around to a Berry flavor.

Wait no longer! It is here! You may have noticed a few upgrades to Warrior Blend with goji berries and whole coconut joining the mix of superfood proteins. This was partially to pave the way for the Berry and Mocha that are now joining the Warrior Blend family.

What to Expect from Berry


The amazing mix of amino acids (including BCAAs) we coax out of our vegan, plant-based ingredients remains the star with 17 grams per serving and plenty of servings found in each container.

Reds and Pinks

Berry isn’t berry without a little blush of color. You won’t find red #4, E129, cochineal, carmine, or anything like those on our labels. Our coloring is all natural from plant sources, like organic beets.

Changes in Color

Since this is a natural product, that pink color will shift from batch to batch. You should expect dark reds one tub and lighter shades another. We always aim for perfection and work hard to keep the color, flavor, and texture consistent, but nature likes variety. Who are we to argue?


One reason this flavor took some time is we wanted it to blow the competition away. We wanted it to taste better in every way and make you forget about all the other berry proteins out there. We think we succeeded.


Ultimately, this is the same Warrior Blend you’ve come to rely on both in and out of the gym to keep your muscles happy. Warrior Blend is designed to unleash your inner warrior, so you can push harder, fun farther, and do the things you love. That will never change.

What to Expect from Mocha


Just like the Berry, Mocha comes with 17 grams of the finest vegan, plant-based proteins we could find, with those branched chain amino acids you want for lean muscle. Want more than 17 grams? We pack 40 servings into a typical container, so you can dip into more without dipping deeply into your wallet. Compare us to the competition, and you’ll see we offer way more per container at a fairer price.

Chocolate and Coffee Zing

Those two flavors come together beautifully. Chocolate takes away the bitter while coffee spikes the chocolate with something richer, darker, and earthier. We think we struck a good balance squarely in the middle.

Improved Mood

The mingling of those two flavors also means their scents get together. There has been some research suggesting the scent of chocolate can improve mood. Give it a sniff.

Lean Muscle

It takes some effort on your part, but the Mocha will supply your cells what they need to recover and rebuild after you work out, run, bike, hike, or do whatever activity calls to you. It has the amino acids they crave. Feed them!

Those are the new flavors. We hope you enjoy them. Go give them closer look now!

And, in case you missed it, check out new illumin8!

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