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Natural Immune Health & Cold Prevention

Being sick is no fun. We want to overcome illness quickly. But it’s best to avoid it altogether. Here’s how to improve natural immune health.

Culinary Chef and Nutritionist Sheree Clark shares some of her favorite ways to naturally overcome illness, as well as a few ways to keep from getting sick in the first place.

ImmuneShield_picThe best way to stay healthy is to support the immune system. Sunwarrior Immune Shield, oregano oil, and thieves oil a few times a day are all great ways to give a boost to your immunity.

Another way to keep your immune system on point is by staying alkaline. Sheree suggests starting out your day with hot water, lemon, and a little cayenne. If you’re feeling a little tickle in the nose, Sheree recommends a neti pot. Throw in some non-iodized salt, and a lot of times it can aid in warding off a cold in the first place.

If none of these natural preventative measures work, and you still come down with a sickness, you’re smart to supplement with things like zinc or slippery elm. The side effects of cold medications can sometimes be worse than the cold itself. With these natural remedies you’ll help boost your immune system and bounce back from a cold faster.

Stay informed on immunity!

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