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Meditation to Reclaim Personal Power

meditation_calm_beach_sand_water_woman_picAre you feeling a lack of confidence or are you trying to overcome a challenge in your life such as addiction or fear? Do you find yourself doubting your purpose in life? Zain Saraswati Jamal shares a meditation to help you overcome these feelings and get back on the path to positivity.

Come to a comfortable seated position. Draw your right hand over the solar plexus and place your left hand over top of that. As you inhale, allow the breath to move through you. Breathe in strength and willpower. Breathe in anything you need in order to reclaim your power. Exhale all throughout the body. Exhale negativity and anything blocking you from your true power. Continue until you feel an energetic shift in your body. To reach the full potential of this meditation, follow this practice 3–5 minutes each day. Namaste.


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