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Mason Jar Salad

For a salad that travels anywhere you want to go, and that fills you with all the healthy refreshing ingredients you crave, this Mason jar salad is your new best friend.

While we’re still in summer, we tend to crave lighter and healthier food options. Mason jar salads are an awesome way to create your own masterpiece. You can use a whole array of fresh and local ingredients to make a delicious work of art. From experience, using plastic containers can lead to soggy vegetables and salad. More and more people are turning to mason jars as they are environmentally friendly and maintain the freshness of the salad. Canning jars have so many great uses from smoothies on the go to piling them high with veggies. Try to find a wider mouth mason jar so it’s easier for you to get all of the salad ingredients inside. Meal prepping on a Sunday is a great way to save time during the week. There is no need to vacuum seal the mason jars. Once you make your Mason jar salads and place a lid on them, they will last up to 5 days in the fridge.


There’s a few rules of thumb when it comes to making a rocking Mason jar salad. The formula is simple:

1.) Dressing

2. Nonabsorbent vegetables

3.) Absorbent vegetables

4.) Carbohydrate

5.) Lettuce

6.) Protein

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