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Making a Smoothie the Right Way!

A super sweet smoothie, a super sour smoothie, or a smoothie that’s hard to swallow due to too much ice or fat. Everyone has experienced this! And we wonder, how can I go wrong making a smoothie? Truth is, it’s quite easy to go wrong. People have different ideas on what a smoothie should be. Some say ½ cup water, ½ cup ice, and a few berries makes a smoothie. While others say 7 bananas and 1 cup milk make a smoothie.

Just as there is a rule for food combination, there are tricks to make a smoothie delicious and nutritious, with great texture and consistency.

Trick No.1

nut_almond_milk_vegan_healthy_fats_omega_picChoose a base: A base is generally a liquid form. This can be water or coconut water or any nut milk. How do you chose what works for you? If you’ve just finished a workout and need something quick, use coconut water; it’s filled with potassium and electrolytes and is very hydrating. If you need a more filling drink or want to scoop it out and eat, use nut milk: almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk. They are packed with live enzymes and amino acids, and are much better than animal milk processed with antibiotics and hormones.

Trick No.2

Choose a Fruit: The most important part of this is not what fruit you pick, but when you pick the fruit. Some folks use fruits that are not yet ripe. This ruins the taste of the smoothie along with ruining your digestion. Pick fruits that are completely ripe. For example: a banana with a lot black spots on it is good news and an avocado soft enough to be scooped out is good news.

You can pick any fruit of your liking. Make sure you pick one super sweet (like banana) and one sub-acidic (apple or pear) or acidic (strawberry or orange). Remember, if your base is acidic (orange juice), make sure your fruit is sweet and not acidic. Add any amount of fruits depending on your activity level and palette. Fruits are important for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and high carbohydrate content. They are also easy to digest and great for active people.

Trick No. 3

green_smoothie_juice_spinach_healthy_picChoose a Green: There are a variety of greens you could use. Some are bitter and some have no taste when blended into a smoothie. If you pick a bitter green, like kale, make sure you have an acidic base (orange juice) and a sweet fruit (date or banana) to balance the taste. If you choose a non-bitter green, like spinach, it pretty much goes with any food combination.

Add about 1–2 cups of greens. This keeps the taste balanced and still gives you the nutrients your body needs. Greens are important for the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Trick No.4

Choose a Fat: One of the most common mistakes people make while blending a smoothie is to add the fat first. By adding the fat first, you end up making the smoothie a thick blob, which makes it completely uncomfortable to drink. After blending all other ingredients you can add fat for the 2nd round of blending.

Choose a healthy fat; Avocado, coconut oil, flaxseed oil or coconut meat. Adding fat, is great as it contains natural oils, promotes brain function and slows down the absorption of the smoothie preventing insulin increase.

Trick No. 5

Choose a Protein: Choose a good protein powder. My favorite is Sunwarrior vanilla Classic and Sunwarrior chocolate Classic. These are sprouted brown rice powders high in protein, fiber, live enzymes, and essential amino acids.

Choosing a protein powder that is smooth, not too grainy, and has a high nutrient content is important for your health and your wallet. Make sure to stick to the organic ones closest to the natural form.

Hope you enjoy blending!

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