Life Lessons with a Shaved Head

By Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N.

It has now been almost two months since I shaved my head. I shaved my head for some very specific reasons (did you read “Why I Shaved My Head”?). The lessons it continues to bring me each day has been unexpected. Shaving my head has evolved into self-study, an observational study of my fears and transcending my fears. To observe how I move through life without my hair to hide behind, looking quite different than most people and women I see or meet. To observe my feelings and reactions to how others might be judging me. Everyday brings forth a new lesson with this shaved head. Lessons on how I can move through life with more ease, more love, more joy. Funny how lack of hair can do that!

Let me share:

1) Change is inevitable and growth is optional. Being bald for the first time in my life has reinforced my connection to the flow of life that is constantly changing. To resist “what is” causes suffering. Sometimes I look in the mirror in disbelief that I actually shaved my head. Sometimes I feel a little insecure without my long, blond hair. But I did it! What’s done is done. I can let it affect the way I move through my day; I can remind myself that I am more than my body, I am more than my hair. No pain lasts forever, so instead of resisting what “is” which results in discomfort, I am trying to stay present, feel, dissect my discomfort, reflect on my attachments, and know that nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass. My new hair (or non-hair) symbolizes that change is an inevitable part of life, but growth is my choice. And this leads me to #2. . . .


2) Accept and adapt. Own it. Having a shaved head forces me to own it, to stand strong in my powerful presence. There is nowhere else to go but to be present and own it. This really became evident to me four days after I shaved my head as I was flying to India. I was boarding the plane and as I walked down the aisle to get to my seat, everyone was staring at me. I felt self-conscious. I felt a bit insecure. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. I was wondering if everyone thought I had gone through chemotherapy. Or perhaps everyone wondered about my sexual orientation.

For a few seconds, my energy field shrunk. And then I re-calibrated my thoughts, I re-organized my mind, and thought, who cares what anyone thinks! Like, really, who cares! So I got out of my head whichwas limiting my power in that moment, I reminded myself that I am a source of love and so much more than my body, and I walked down that aisle standing tall with a smile on my face and I OWNED IT. (I then tripped on someone’s bag, but that’s beside the point, lol).

When I remembered that we all come from the same source, the source of unconditional love, then all my fears dissipated. Having a shaved head reminds me to stand strong in my own truth every single minute of the day. It forces me not to care about what others think of me on a whole new level. I am exposed. This is me, all of me, take it or leave it.

3) You are what you eat. When I look in the mirror, I am reminded that my lifestyle choices and what I eat affect the way I look. That my hair (and skin) is a reflection of the foods I eat and the strength of my digestion. When we eat foods filled with life and nutrition and devoid of chemicals and toxins, we are ensuring healthy cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body which also means healthy skin and hair. You are what you eat and digest. Amazing raw, vegan, plant-based, plant strong, Sunwarrior once again helps to make my body energized by strengthening my digestion and metabolism, nourishing my cells, and keeping the integrity of my skin, nails, and hair glowing, healthy, and strong. Check out a variety of easy, delicious Gracious Living Lifestyle easy recipes with healing Sunwarrior.


4) You are most powerful when you are grateful for what you have right now. So in the grand scheme of things, it’s really no big deal that I shaved my head. I shaved my head because I chose to share a message. Anytime I am feeling insecure about not having hair, I remind myself that I am a healthy, strong, vibrant individual. I can walk, I can talk, I have a roof over my head, I have electricity, running water, and I live in a country where I have freedom. I have choices. I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service in this world. This is what matters most to me in this life. I am breathing. I am alive in this moment. My hair will always grow back. When I remember all of these things, feeling insecure about my hair becomes insignificant and petty.

On the more logistical side of things, shaving my head has eliminated my need for conditioner and hair elastics. No hair has meant no stress from hair tangles and waking up with crazy cave woman hair! It has been so nice to feel a breeze on my bald head. It has been so nice to not worry or spend time on “doing my hair.” When I wash my face in the sink, I can also wash my head in the sink! Easy! Just like that! And the new soft, fuzzy feeling of rubbing my head always brings a smile to myself!

Everyone keeps asking if I am going to grow it out or keep it shaved. I have no idea, and I am curious, too! I am not attached to any style and am just trying to enjoy this ride and go with the flow, stay present as much as possible, and learn some empowering, valuable life lessons along the way.

You don’t have to shave your head like I did, but I hope my adventures and lessons with no hair inspires you to be bold, to be present, to embrace change, to stand tall in your power, to be honest, to own your life, to live authentically, and most of all, to be grateful for all that you have right now.

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