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The Key To Long Life

We all want to be healthy and happy well into old age, but some people wonder how to get there. Ronnie shares what he believes to be the key to a long life.

painter_woman_create_art_creative_invent_picIn the health world, we often put our immediate focus on food and supplements. It’s interesting how, as a culture, we focus on exterior objects we can put inside of us, instead of looking inside and utilizing what is already there. I’ve spent the last seven years promoting the idea that “you are what you eat” trumps all other universal laws, that we are intrinsically influenced by the subtle vibrations of the food we ingest. However, with that said, we must also consider the idea that within us is a spring of untapped resources, creativity, and imagination that beckons our exploration.

Do You Have a Dream?

It is my core belief that at the end of the day what makes the biggest difference in your level of vitality is having a dream to live for, having a compelling vision to look forward to each and every day. If we’re eating the best raw food diet but ignoring our hearts’ deepest callings, we will remain fragmented beings and never truly realize our potential. When we support excellent health of body, mind, and spirit, we become integrative beings capable of incredible possibilities.

The way we invest our time speaks volumes about what is most important to us. When we invest our energy and resources into organic food, self-education material, eco-friendly products, and so on, it indicates where our state of mind is. I have realized over the years that those who do not believe in a prosperous and positive future will never invest in one. Those who do believe in a future of paradise, however, make every effort to support it. When you have a dream to live for, your actions automatically shift towards its creation.

Living the Dream

Enjoy this excerpt from my upcoming book The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program:

girl_world_dream_hope_future_vision_earth_picWhen we devote our full faculties to the betterment of ourselves, to others and the world at large we automatically enhance longevity characteristics. I have an underlining belief that those who wish to be here (on earth) will be here longer and those who are sick of living will either be recycled out or worse yet will live out their lives in physical, mental, and emotional turmoil(hell on earth). Those who throw themselves into a worthy cause are often granted the means to alleviate all health barriers so they can further their mission. Individuals who decide to stray from their mission through self-debilitative traits such as doubt, fear, shame, guilt, and excuses will experience a probability of physical debilitations that inhibit mobility and comfort. The more we indulge in passivity and lethargy the more we forfeit our capacities for transmitting excellence in the world.

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