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Join the Ninja Warriors with the Kid Ninja Tour!

Students are meeting real-life Ninja Warriors on the playground and in the school gym where the ninjas are teaching them how to be healthy, active, and balanced!

These ninjas aren’t just there to show off their sweet acrobatics but to also teach the warriors of tomorrow how to live healthier and be more active while also taking their schoolwork seriously.

Meet the Ninjas

You may have seen Travis Brewer (Spirit Ninja) and Nicholas Coolridge (Modern Tarzan) on the popular NBC television show, swinging from ropes and flying up walls. They have partnered with Sunwarrior to bring their unique Ninja Lifestyle to schools around the country.

Watch Them in Action

They started in Washington D.C. area at the Great Falls Elementary in Great Falls, Virginia. The kids loved the interactive event. You can watch them in action here.

Then they moved on to Chicago area to entertain and educate at the Elmwood Elementary in Naperville, IL. Watch them as they tumble, flip, and roll their way into hearts and minds.

What the Ninjas Do at the Schools

  • Demonstrate acrobatic skills
  • Involve teachers, parents, and students
  • Attempt to conquer the obstacle courses (aka playgrounds, buildings, and gym equipment)
  • Teach about health, fitness, and educationrnt
    • Healthy eating
    • Exercising creativity
    • Developing confidence
    • Overcoming setbacks and failures
    • The smarts behind staying active
    • How schooling helped them succeed
  • Travis shares some of his story about getting a Master’s Degree despite a learning disability
  • Nicholas shares his story of taking his talent and turning it into an art form

Hopefully, support for their tour continues, and you’ll see a ninja at your school soon.

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