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How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Beat the statistics and stay connected to your resolution in 2017! These 5 tips will show you how to achieve your goals!

Happy 2017! Did you happen to make a New Year’s Eve resolution like the majority of people did? Well, not to be a Debbie Downer, but according to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, only a whopping 8% of people are able to keep their New Year’s Resolutions. If you happen to be one of the 92% who has trouble keeping their goals, here are five tips on how to stay connected to your resolutions.

Keep it Simple

Start small. Go slow and take it piece by piece. If you weren’t already a semi-body builder back in 2016, don’t start 2017 by attempting to be in the gym lifting heavy weights every single day. For your goals to be sustainable, you have to turn them into habits, which take time! ((On average, it takes 21 days to form a new habit.)) Start slowly by going to the gym 2–3 times/week and then increase it to 3–4 times once the end of February or March comes around. Most people burn out when they try to push themselves too hard, too fast.

Connect to Your Why

Most people who set vague goals just to eat healthier, don’t tend to keep to their goal for long. Ask yourself truly WHY you want to achieve your resolution. And paint that picture for yourself in your mind. For example, if you want to quit smoking, it may not be enough for you to quit “because everyone says it’s unhealthy.” However, if you tie into the fact that you want to be able to walk your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day without dragging an oxygen tank behind you, or be able to push your granddaughter on a swing without having to sit down and catch your breath every 2–3 minutes, you will be surprised how much more motivation you can find. Daily envisioning your desired future helps keep your motivation higher.

Keep Track

Keep a tracker or journal of each day you are successful in keeping your resolution and to see your progress. It will keep you on your desired path, and if you slip up, you can look back and congratulate yourself on going five straight days in a row last week! Share your goals with your family and friends to have them on board to help support you along the way. {9kucur9p}

Be Compassionate

Be okay with slips up and forgive yourself. Tomorrow is a new day, and we are all HUMAN. It’s completely ok to mess up sometimes. It provides us with an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, grow, and become better!

Believe in You!

No matter what resolutions you want to set, you can do it! Set concrete, attainable goals and envision the future you deserve. I believe in you

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