Holistic Health Tip: Berry Facial Mask

Smearing fruit on your face to stay healthy and beautiful? Yes please! Healthy Housewife Marzia Prince shares an alternative to the traditional beauty mask.

Our bodies naturally create free radicals that need to be counterbalanced with plenty of antioxidants. Berries make a fantastic source for these important staples. When we eat berries, we’re combating free radicals from the inside, but we can also help eliminate these damaging atoms by applying antioxidants to our skin.

Marzia begins by mashing up strawberries and raspberries into a paste. Apply this paste to your previously washed face, lie down, and let the antioxidant goodness soak in for 15–20 minutes. After you’ve patiently waited, simply wash the mixture off and enjoy the beautiful glow of your rejuvenated skin.


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