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10 Holiday Health Tips

Santa's weight problem might come from neglecting his holiday health plan. But you'll be better prepared than that with these holiday health tips!rn

We all know staying consistent with our optimal nutrition and fitness plans and goals can be particularly challenging during the holiday season. Christmas_fruits_vegetables_fun_orange snowman_holiday_season_picNot only is it a busy time of year, but the additional temptations surrounding us make it much more difficult to stay strong and avoid the appeal of the unhealthy, toxic holiday sweets and treats.

There are a number of tips and tricks you can incorporate that will still allow you to enjoy the holiday season without completely throwing your health, nutrition, and fitness goals out the window. Below are some great suggestions for taking care of your holiday health during the season's festivities!


First, many people give up and have the mindset that it’s okay to indulge, and even over indulge, because it’s the holidays. This is not the best mindset to adopt. However, if you are going to allow for extra indulgence of the “naughty” foods during the holidays, remember not to lose control. Just because you overindulged or lost control once, doesn’t mean all is lost and that you might as well continue to overindulge. If you fell off the wagon once, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter if you do it again. If nothing else, remember, moderation!

Don’t Go Hungry

Whether it’s just a normal day or if you’re attending a special holiday event or party, don’t let yourself go hungry. During the holidays there is just plain and simply more sugar and other unhealthy foods around us, both inside our homes and outside. If we are hungry, we’re much more likely to eat and even overeat on these unhealthy, un-nourishing foods. As much as possible, eat nourishing meals at home, or at least have on hand a healthy snack to have at your disposal to help you avoid temptation.

Don’t Forget To Move

skiing_winter_sports_exercise_fitnessThough wintertime is cold, busy, and can be un-motivating, remember not to completely forget about your physical routine. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day, ideally more. If you typically go to the gym, still make sure to get there for at least 30 minutes 3–4 times a week. Staying active not only helps you maintain your fitness, but also helps you to stay on track and avoid some of the temptations!

Healthy Alternatives

Did you know you can easily buy or make healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday sweets, treats, and dishes? For instance, rather than buying traditional eggnog, buy the natural version from the health foods store, or make your own. This goes for any and all of your traditional favorites. This way you can still enjoy some of your favorite holiday traditions without the guilt and without the ill effects to your health and fitness!

Plan Good Activities

When enjoying the holidays, make it a goal to choose options that promote your health on some level. For instance, walk around your neighborhood and do caroling, go walk around and pick and cut down your own tree, get out and play in the snow, and other such fun, holiday activities that promote movement and health!

Make Plans & Goals

goal_2016_plan_race_run_start_picIf you have a plan or goal beyond December, such as a particular fat loss goal you want to achieve by February, you’re going to be more likely to stay focused, committed, and on track during the holidays because you’ll have more of a reason to avoid the temptations.

Make a Fun Challenge

Challenge yourself during the holidays to avoid the bad foods and to stay fit and active. The specific goals are up to you, but make it fun, make it a challenge! You can even provide yourself with an incentive or reward if you make it through the holidays and accomplish your specific goal!

Make Health a Family or Friendly Affair

Let your family and friends know about your goals over the holidays. Chances are, you’re not alone! Get a group of family or friends to make some healthy holiday plans with and set some goals together to give you some camaraderie and to give you accountability as well as a support group. There’s strength in numbers!

Don’t Keep Temptations Around

Don’t bake or cook unhealthy foods for yourself, opt instead to bake and cook healthy alternatives. If you are given holiday treats by kind neighbors, either remove the temptation or deliver them to individuals whom you know would consume them. If you have these foods in your home, you’re more likely to eat them!

Christmas_holiday_gift_family_happiness_happy_picFocus on the Meaning

During the holidays, focus on the meaning of the season: the friends and the fun, rather than emphasizing the food. The less you think about the food, the less tempting it will be. Get more excited about the people, the activities, and the fun.

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