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Healthy Nail Polish

Marzia Prince takes a look at a healthier nail polish that will let you stay beautiful without so many of the chemicals.

Marzia Prince, your personal healthinista (that’s healthy fashionista extraordinaire for those who don’t know), personal trainer, and health expert, is happily broadcasting her style and health tips from her bathroom this week instead of the gym or the kitchen. Your health should reach every room in your house, including closets, garages, and, yes, your bathroom. Marzia is breaking out the nail polish this week.

nail_polish_deborah_lippmann_colors_picNail polish is one beauty product that typically has a ton of toxic chemical ingredients. Your nails may seem like a safe place for more toxic products to live as you aren’t eating them or getting them on your skin. The problem is that your nail bed is actually quite porous and painting over it can soak these toxic chemicals into your bloodstream. If you paint your nails often, you could be pouring those toxins into your system daily.

You also use your fingertips for so many things, from food prep to typing, and those toxins can work their way into other things you may be ingesting. Marzia recommends painting your nails less often, only for special occasions or events.

If you paint your nails more often, look for products with fewer chemicals. Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are free of formaldehyde and many other chemicals found in most polishes on the market. It isn’t 100% chemical free, but it is a big step in the right direction and a better option than the other ones out there.

marzia_prince_nail_polish_healthier_fewer_chemicals_bathroom_picThey come in a large variety of colors, designed by a celebrity manicurist who wanted to work with healthier nail polishes as she works with them daily. Marzia loves these, but still reserves them for special occasions and events. Enjoy it and please share any more nail polishes you find that are healthier and use fewer chemicals. Marzia and the world would love to know.

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