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The Healthiest Thing You Can Do: Follow your Passion

One of the unannounced aspects of longevity is the palpable desire to live life fully. There is a worldwide epidemic of individuals who have been run down, worn out, and completely exhausted from the pressures of modern living. When we lose our desire for life, we incrementally lose our life force.

girl_dog_friends_make_believe_sailors_binoculars_fun_picIf we want to enhance life force, we must find a purpose worthy of our contribution, something that calls out in the direction of new and boundless possibilities, something worth transforming for. This is the most intrinsic ingredient to the human condition, one that trumps all other health factors. One can sustain themselves on even a subpar diet and lifestyle as long as they have a dream that awakens them in the morning and nurtures them at night (though of course a healthy diet will help you attain these dreams much easier). The underlining theme of my work in the world: when you know your purpose and you support it with congruent habits, you become a greater force for good in the world.

When we devote our full faculties to the betterment of ourselves, others, and the world at large, we automatically enhance longevity characteristics. I have a belief that those who wish to be here (on earth) will be here longer and live more fully while those who are sick of living will either leave or, worse yet, will live out their lives in physical, mental, and emotional turmoil (hell on earth).

Those who throw themselves into a worthy cause are often granted the means to alleviate health barriers so they can further their mission. Individuals who decide to stray from their mission through self-paralyzing traits such as doubt, fear, shame, guilt, and excuses will experience a higher probability of physical debilitations that inhibit mobility and comfort. The more we indulge in passivity and lethargy, the more we forfeit our capacities for transmitting excellence in the world.

Your mission is unique to you, and can only be accessed by you, therefore it is up to you to uncover the diamond that resides within. The hidden truth behind raw living foods is that it assists in stripping the outer coating of one’s self-constructed identity.

boy_airplane_make_believe_dreams_fly_clouds_fun_picThroughout our lives, we learn how to navigate through the world based on action and reactionary stimuli. We learn what is right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate, legal and illegal, popular and unpopular, etc. Through time we develop social masks to help us maneuver through the taboos of the world, essentially as defense mechanisms to protect us from ourselves.

Food that is non-heat treated, organic, mineral rich, and grown with love has a cleansing effect that over time rejuvenates the body, centers the soul, and alleviates the mind. The raw food approach is the most effective and proven outlet in the world for instant transformation. Given a year or two, not only will you be a renewed version of yourself, everything in your life will become adjusted to adhere to the new pathway that is now in front of you. You will find yourself surrounded by friends instead of associates, family opposed to relatives, inspiration in contrast to motivation, a purpose instead of a career, and a consistent state of levity instead of gravity.

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