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The Health Benefits of Beets in a Delicious Smoothie

I believe that the start of the day and the end of a workout are the fundamental times to fuel the body with quality energy. Accordingly, I have striven to find a food source that will provide this energy in the most digestible and, ideally, enjoyable manner possible. After a series of experimentation, I have hit my mark with a simple recipe that’s as detoxifying as it is delicious.

healthy_benefits_of_beets_and_a_delicious_recipe_picBeets are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available, and until recently, I admittedly could not have told you the last time I had eaten one. Inspired by a Rich Roll interview I watched where the triathlete was touting beets’ many health benefits, I began researching a bit and quickly found out more about all that I had been missing. Beets are packed full of phytonutrients, naturally occurring chemicals that protect the life and longevity of plants, and not surprisingly offer humans these same benefits—including natural detoxification, improved digestion, anti-inflammation, and a steady supply of antioxidants—all thanks to the vegetable’s rich source of the phytonutrient betalain{1}. What’s more, beets have been scientifically proven to boost the libido, as they contain high amounts of boron, a trace element directly related to the production of sex hormones{2}.

It didn’t take long before I headed to my local farmers’ market, grabbed a bundle of beets, and went straight for the blender. I was instantly pleased with the rich taste of the colorful veggie, and quickly found it to be a great pairing with carrot. Ever the cinnamon fiend, I added in a dash of the good stuff, and blended it all with ice. The result is a surprisingly sweet smoothie that contains no added sugar, and is comprised entirely of raw vegetables!

delicious_smoothie_recipe_beets_and_carrots_imageTo boost the nutritional value further, I added in two of my favorite Sunwarrior products: Sunwarrior Classic Protein and Ormus Greens—adding sixteen grams of high quality protein, along with a host of probiotics and additional phytonutrients to ensure the smooth digestion of this holistic cocktail.


  • 1 medium-sized beet
  • 1 medium or large-sized carrot
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon Sunwarrior Ormus Greens
  • 1 scoop Sunwarrior Classic chocolate protein
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup water

Directions: Thoroughly wash the beet and carrot. Depending on the output of your blender, you may need to chop the vegetables down into smaller pieces. Place complete beet, stems and greens included, into blender along with the rest of the ingredients. Blend for thirty seconds and enjoy immediately!

{1} “Beets.” Worlds Healthiest Foods. Web. Accessed Oct 7 2013.

{2} Dumas, Kiley. “6 Health Benefits of Eating Beets.” Full Circle. Accessed Oct 7 2013.

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