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Greek White Bean Dip

If it’s not all Greek to you, then it should be because this Greek white bean dip is one of the best flavors you’ll experience this year!

Am I the only one who eats chips and dip as a hobby? I just can’t resist a crunchy snack paired with infinite options to dip it in! My favorite is hummus and pita chips. However, in an attempt to make something slightly out of the box, I used cannellini beans to make a creamy and flavorful dip! Cannellini beans definitely have a more subtle flavor and can hold nicely to bolder flavors such as Kalamata olives and roasted red peppers. By keeping your mix-ins chunky, you are adding additional texture while also bulking up the dip. The best part about this is that it’s totally customizable! Try other mix-ins such as pine nuts, basil, and sundried tomatoes. Just remember to keep it simple and of course, flavorful!

This dip comes together in about 5 minutes, which makes it the perfect last minute entertaining food and also makes it the perfect make-ahead-and-store-in-the-fridge for a quick snack fix later. If you have time, try to create a variety of dippers such as homemade pita chips, sliced cucumbers, and bell peppers to ensure there’s something for everyone!

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