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At Hippocrates, we strive to promote world awareness about the importance of living foods. We believe that it is just as important to stress the importance of living fitness. But what exactly do we mean by living fitness? As living foods are foods that promote life in those who consume them, living fitness is simply movement that creates life. Living fitness is the creation of function and flow in all areas of life through physical exercise.

Our bodies reflect our precise levels of health—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually—in life and in relationship to our world. When we exercise, every cell in our bodies, including our brains, is activated. There are three chemical processes that occur when a cell is activated through exercise. First, the cell’s temperature rises slightly, allowing it to eliminate debris, absorb nutrients, and more effectively adhere to other cells (such as those comprising organs). Secondly, cell receptor sites are enhanced. When cell receptors are cleaner, they communicate with other cells more effectively, unifying and strengthening tissues throughout the body. Finally, during exercise cells collect and maintain higher oxygen levels, which promotes improved metabolism and cell function,

While most of us would not consider depriving ourselves of food for days, weeks, or even months, we often deprive ourselves of exercise. Twenty percent of Americans never exercise. Obesity is rampant in Western cultures and rapidly moving up in rank as a cause of death. Yet we know that as recently as the late 19th century, 90% of the populations were farmers, living in peaceful organic settings with few stresses. Today these active and physically invigorating occupations have given way to the sedentary and mentally stressful occupations of our post-industrial technological era.

Walking, bicycling, and lymph-cleansing horseback rides have been replaced with automobiles. Running for the phone is unnecessary when cell phones are now as close as our front pocket. Remote controls make it possible to stay on the couch for hours on end. We can shop with a few quick keyboard strokes rather than a trip to the local store. And drive-thru windows—once an icon of the fast food restaurant—are popping up in nearly every business imaginable. The most ironic is the drive-thru pharmacy.

Movement and physical stress are the only means to counter this physical inertia. At Hippocrates Health Institute, our ongoing research has shown that those willing to engage in a regimen of aerobic exercise will achieve strength of body and mind up to eight times faster than those who are less active. We recommend a minimum of 35 minutes a day, five days a week, and approximately 90 minutes a day of resistance exercise three days a week.

Research continues to show clear evidence of the benefits of exercise. Leading experts now believe that weight training prevents or slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. There is a growing consensus that half of all depression could be reversed through consistent aerobic activity. And the February 2006 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine reported that calcium supplementation does little to prevent or eliminate osteoporotic conditions but that weight training is a major factor in preserving bone density.

As a population, we have not only undervalued physical fitness, but have also widely misunderstood the concept of physical fitness—making it an issue of aesthetics rather than health. At Hippocrates we stress the importance of taking classes and training with professionals at the beginning of a living fitness regime. After only a few weeks of consistent training, your mind and body will begin to crave movement and exercise. You will find new energy and vitality in every area of life. While fitness of the physical body is central to our physical health, it is also central to the health of our mind, spirit, and all that we create—including our families, communities, and businesses, as well as our bank accounts.

Many believe that cerebral activity alone will foster a rich and healthy life. Others believe that a good diet is enough to bring them the rewards of good physical health. But health is achieved only by consciously embracing these four fundamentals: pure food, positive thought, spiritual awareness, and living fitness. Becoming physically active means that you are truly committed to health. The end result will be a happier, healthier, and more attractive you.

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