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Finding Your Inner Zen

Stress weighing you down? Perhaps that stress is leading you towards taking a step back and finding your inner Zen. The time is now.

Zen. You’ve heard about it, but what exactly is it? Translated, Zen means meditation, and loosely translated, it means being aware and present in your current surroundings.

This guide will help you take your first steps towards a journey that may uncover a special place that leaves you calm, balanced, energized, and uncluttered within your mind, spirit, and body.

1. Unclutter Your Life

Removing clutter from our lives sounds overwhelming, but all that disorder leads to stress and possible frustration. When taking the first steps to unclutter your surroundings, start simple, but keep in mind the importance of addressing your top concerns. You will find that things will gradually fall into place, and this process becomes less overwhelming as you chip away at it.

2. Find Your Happy Place

Maybe your happy place is curled up on the sofa reading a book, or taking a long hike surrounded by the beauty of nature. Find what makes you happy, clears your head, and gives you a sense of peace and wellbeing. This happy place inside will help relieve stress and enable you to focus on yourself and others in a productive way.

3. The Power of Yoga

Yoga not only feeds energy and strengthens your body, but it also helps heal the mind and gives you a sense of calm and peacefulness. Yoga can enable you to be more in tune with your body and therefore self-recognizing when stress is starting to creep in. Yoga is a great getaway to your inner being.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

You’ve probably heard this a few times. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is an amazing gift to give yourself! Being able to concentrate on the big picture is an important tool in helping you find your personal space and not getting caught up in all the little things.

5. Close Your Eyes

By closing your eyes, you are momentarily shutting out everything else and finding yourself, your inner being. It’s a beautiful thing to take those moments just for yourself. Doing this while practicing some nice, slow, deep breathing can help ground you while bringing the balance back to life.

6. Be Present

Recognizing and acknowledging your current situation, being proactive and positive is an important process in finding calmness and peace within yourself. Take those moments to be thankful for what you have. Make the necessary decisions to improve upon situations where you desire to achieve a better outcome. Take moments throughout the day to just look around and see all that the world offers: whether it’s blue skies or thundering storms, be present and see it.

7. Meditate

One of the hardest things to achieve is the clearing your mind as you meditate. Sure, in time this may happen, but don’t be discouraged if perfect clarity doesn’t happen for a while. Meditation is a great way to reconnect with your body and how you’re feeling. Call it your daily check-in.

By taking these few minutes a day to connect with yourself, you may be finding your inner Zen. Breathe and just let things go!

We all experience stress and negativity, and at times we run ourselves down with life. But think of finding your inner Zen as improving your quality of life. Take those few extra minutes a day for yourself. Find that happy place. Breath. Stay positive! You may find that the things you stress about are not as important as you thought they were. Finding your inner Zen may be easier than you thought!

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