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Essential Oils for Excellent Oral Hygiene

We aren't restricted to only using the chemical and flouride laden tooth and mouth cleaners typically recommended. Try a few natural alternatives!

woman_smile_pretty_beautiful_apple_teeth_blue_eyes_picYou know what they say: your dog's mouth is cleaner than your own. Credit their carnivorous preferences with supplying a bit more bacterial protection by way of enzymatic activity, which breaks down those potentially harmful invisible intruders that exist in the deepest, darkest parts of other animals. Switch your pooch to a diet high in processed sugars, flours, and alcohol though, and it's a different story…just like ours.

The mouth is where the digestion process begins. (We all know where it ends, right?) While it may seem a rather simple system, it's actually pretty complex. Biting and tearing our food pushes it into our gum line where it can create plaque, cavities, and more serious issues like gum disease.

Saliva production is supposed to help begin to break down the foods while we chew, allowing enzymes to do their thing, but if we're eating diets high in processed foods (especially refined flours and sugars), it's often a losing battle. A healthy mouth thrives on healthy foods, especially lots of vegetables.

Other factors, such as our evolution and family tree, can play a big role in the health of our mouth. Crooked teeth are more prone to trapping bacteria and some oral diseases can be hereditary.

Still, there are more reasons than not to make sure we have the healthiest mouths possible! A healthy mouth can reduce our risks for serious dental issues and cardiovascular disease, boost our immune and digestive function, and make intimacy more enjoyable.

Industrialized oral care products often contain harmful chemicals, artificial flavors and colors, and excessive fluoride, which has been linked with developmental issues.

essential_oils_flowers_healthy_pretty_colorful_white_yellow_pink_sml_picYou can have a truly clean mouth with all natural ingredients, including essential oils. Therapeutic grade essential oils are powerful antimicrobial agents, which can improve the health of your mouth. They're available at most natural food stores or online. Essential oils are pressed from pure botanicals such as flowers, leaves, barks, etc.

Want to give them a try? Here are a few tips:

Before flossing (which you should do daily), run your strip of floss through a drop or two of clove bud or cinnamon essential oils. Simply place a drop of oil on your thumb or forefinger and slide the floss all the way through it. Then, floss per usual.

Cinnamon and clove bud are potent antimicrobials and can help to keep your gums and teeth from decay. You can also simply rub a drop or two into your gums as well. Remember to always rub away from the gum line towards the tooth.

Get off the chemical-laden Listerine and make your own mouthwash by simply mixing 4 teaspoons of baking soda per cup of water or vodka. (That's right, vodka! You can get the super cheap stuff for this recipe as you're not drinking it.) Then add your essential oils. Try cinnamon and peppermint or clove and sweet orange. You can also use tea tree oil, lemon, grapefruit, and spearmint. Figure about 6–8 drops total per cup.

Make a simple tooth powder. Ditch the toothpaste tube of goo and get on the powder. All you need is a bit of baking soda and sea salt, which is highly antimicrobial itself and excellent for oral hygiene. Mix two parts baking soda to one part salt. You can sprinkle it onto your brush with a reused bottle or use a small spoon. Add a drop or two of clove or cinnamon oil and brush away!

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