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Eggless Nog

Use your noggin—skip the eggs! Celebrate your festivities with eggless eggnog for a sweet, smooth beverage that lets health and happiness hang out together!

The creamy holiday drink known as eggnog can be rather polarizing: people tend to love the taste or hate it. Around here, we love it—especially when the classic ingredients are swapped out for healthier ones.

Traditionally, eggnog is made with milk, sugar, and real eggs—some recipes do indeed specify raw—but we’re changing it up to make a vegan version. If you love the creamy richness of eggnog, but don’t care to use animal product ingredients, we’ve got your homemade solution below. The base mixture is a luscious combination of young coconut meat, almonds, pine nuts and chia seeds to create that thickness that’s characteristic of true eggnog. Next, the inclusion of both Medjool dates and maple syrup add a layered, rich sweetness—so you won’t miss the table sugar. Finish off the drink with a little cinnamon, and of course nutmeg, for authentic flavor. (Wanna know the secret to great eggnog? Only use nutmeg that you grate yourself right before you use it!) {9kucur9p}

Eggless Nog takes no more than a few minutes to whip up, and this recipe makes four servings. If you prefer yours warm, heat it gently on the stove before serving. For extra heat, splash with your choice of rum, brandy, or bourbon. Just use your noggin and don’t drive!

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