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How to Eat Healthy on the Go and on Vacation

With the holidays coming up, people travel a lot. Learn how to eat healthy when you’re away from home.

father_son_sand_beach_ocean_play_travel_picWhen you’re home, you are in a controlled environment. When you leave that environment, you are more likely to indulge in unhealthy foods. It seems effortless to grab fast food because it is convenient. The following are tips on how to eat healthy when you are on the go, at the airport, or on vacation:

Plan Ahead

If you plan ahead, you can avoid the junky food that contains next to no nutrients while on the go. There are so many processed foods such as candy, chips, hamburgers, and fries that are easy grab and go foods, but they should be avoided. Go to a grocery store a few days before your trip to buy satisfying snacks that you and your family enjoy. The night before you leave, pack snacks to bring with you to stay on track. Great ideas for snacks to bring in case you get hungry include: almonds and fresh fruit, homemade trail mix, fresh cut up vegetables with hummus, or brown rice cakes with nut butter. It’s a great idea to have these snacks on hand at all times if you’re at the airport, out and about during the day, or in the car if you are driving to your destination.

Eat frequently

Eat a snack or meal with protein and complex carbohydrates every 3–4 hours to keep you alert and keep your energy levels steady. You will be surprised to see your cravings subside while you still have the energy to keep going.

Cooler on the road

If you are taking a road trip, buy a small-insulated cooler and stuff it with ice packs to store your perishable goods. Pack a variety of snacks that will last you for the whole ride there. You won’t have to worry about being starving and being stuck with stopping at a gas station or fast food restaurant where there are minimal (if any) healthy options.

Be careful what you sip on

woman_umbrealla_red_happy_autum_fall_bench_drinking_drink_jacket_cool_picPeople don’t realize how much sugar can be in a drink. There is not only added sugar in drinks like sodas, slushies, and juices, but there are also chemicals, and extra calories that you shouldn’t be putting into your body. Completely avoid all of these sugary beverages and instead drink water, coconut water, 100% pure fruit juice, nut milks, unsweetened iced tea, or herbal tea.

Don’t rely on caffeine

Even though you might have had to wake up early to leave for your trip, don’t drink countless cups of coffee to keep you awake. Make sure you have a good night’s rest the night before, stay hydrated, and eat frequently to keep your energy levels stable.

Healthy choices to buy

Although you see many unhealthy options on the go, there are also many unprocessed foods available nowadays at the airport, on the road, or in coffee shops. Choose fresh foods like fruit, cut-up veggies, salads, rice cakes, unsalted nuts, oatmeal, and hummus & crackers.

Remember to still eat your fruits and veggies

Make sure that you are getting enough vegetables. For example, ask for extra vegetables on the side, get a salad for your meal or snack, or ask to add vegetables to your whole grain pasta or sprouted sandwich.

It is not impossible to stay healthy when there are minimal options on the go. Stay away from junk food at the fast-food restaurants and choose healthy options instead, or bring your own! It is definitely feasible to stick to your healthy diet on the go as long as you plan ahead.

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