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Easy, Raw, Vegan: Sunwarrior Protein Bliss Balls

Eating healthy can be a literal lifesaver. Happy and healthy is just a few nutritional choices away. Start now with these healing protein balls!

My father healed from cancer after being given only 10 months left to live. He radically changed his diet and lifestyle to feed his cells and boost his immune system (like this healthy, protein-rich dessert recipe from my new Gracious Living Lifestyle RAW HEALING Recipe Video Books).

He opened his mind by releasing his past judgments that were holding him back. He figured out where he needed to forgive others, and where he needed to forgive himself, so that he could open himself up to more love and healing. Our thoughts affect our health just as much as food and lifestyle habits do. Love your body and love your self. Everything you do, and think, impacts the direction of your life. It is not about being perfect. It’s about knowing that life is full of twists and turns, and it’s our duty to learn from every thing that comes our way. The ups, the downs, the middle. All of it. Stop fighting yourself, stop fighting the flow of life, accept where you are, and accept the challenges. Focus on the present moment and what you can do in the here and now. Abundant health and happiness is in the present moment.

What can you do right now to be happy and healthy? What choices can you make? What food choices can you make? What lifestyle choices can you make? What thoughts can you choose to attach yourself to? (It’s human nature to have negative thoughts. The learning adventure of life is to learn to let negative thoughts go when they happen. This is where yoga and meditation helps).

Stop judging yourself. You always have a choice. Your future is dependent on the choices you make today.

Come on, let’s start improving your health and life! The time is now. And let’s have some fun doing it, too! Health and healing doesn’t have to be so serious!

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