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Easy Fried Rice

It’s dinner time again, and you have no idea what to make! Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this easy fried rice recipe!

If there is one meal that is in my kids’ top ten, it would be fried rice. They love it! They constantly ask me to make it. And why not? It’s super easy, they eat it without a fight, and I usually always have all the ingredients on hand.

Fried rice is awesome with brown rice, but sometimes kids are harder to feed. If your kids aren’t used to brown rice yet, it’s okay to let them into a healthier world slowly. You can easily make it half brown rice and half white rice. And then gradually increase the brown and decrease the white each time you make it and before they know it, they’ll be eating healthy without complaint.

Brown rice has tons of health benefits! It’s rich in fiber and selenium and can lower your cholesterol. Top that with the fact that it is rich in protein and you’ve got an awesome food source. Sesame seed oil is a heart-healthy oil and contains omega-3s. The peas provide vitamin K and manganese, and carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A.

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