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DIY Fruit and Vegetable Water Purifiers

purify water with fruit peels

Looking for an inexpensive way to purify water? Try fruit peels! Check out the DIY fruit and vegetable water purifiers!

Whether you are in a survival situation or simply just want to experiment with a new unique way to clean your water, this skill is great to have.

Water containing heavy metals is also a huge issue around the world. Contaminated water has been making headlines all over, including the United States. As city water infrastructure deteriorates, it is up to us to make sure the water we drink is clean. These low-tech, simple solutions use everyday materials to help ensure your health and safety.

Apple Skins (you can also use tomato)

Peel the skin off of an apple and place the skin into a bowl of rubbing alcohol. Soak skins in rubbing alcohol for an hour or so, until it is well soaked. Then remove the peels and let them sit until dried. Once dried, take the water that you want to purify and put the apple peels in it. Wait for at least two hours and then take the peels out. The water has been purified and is drinkable. Apple skins are great for removing dyes, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Lime Juice

Although you can disinfect water by placing it in a clear container and sticking it in the sun for over six hours, you can speed us this process by adding lime juice. Add lime juice into water in a clear container and place in the sun. You will only have to wait a half hour until this water is purified. This method is great for removing dangerous bacteria; however, it is not as effective in removing viruses.

Banana Peels

banana peels for water purifying

The American Chemical Society published their findings on how banana peels are great to use for removing heavy metals such as copper and lead. To use this method of purification, first dry the banana peels. You can use a dehydrator or slowly bake in an oven or let sit in the sun for a few hours. Once dried, cut the banana peel finely or use a food processor to grind up. Next place the banana peel into the water you wish to purify. Let it sit for over ten minutes and then remove from water using a filter or strainer. This method is effective for removing heavy metals; however, it is not effective for removing bacteria.

Coconut Fiber

Remove the fiber from a coconut husk and place in a container. Pour contaminated water through the container with the fiber from the coconut to purify.

Avocado Skin

Boil the avocado skin to remove any contaminants. Once boiled, let dry. Then crush the skin and place in contaminated water. Wait a half hour. After waiting, filter or strain the water to remove the crushed avocado skin and then it is safe for drinking.

Purifying water can be done using many different fruit and vegetable skins. Some suggestions to experiment with include mango, grapefruit, rice husks, and seaweed. The ones listed are only a few of many.

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