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DIY Dry Shampoo

Woke up late and had no time to shower? Stay bad-hair-day free with this do-it-yourself dry shampoo technique!

The Healthinista, your favorite health and fitness expert, Marzia Prince brings to us a do-it-yourself dry shampoo in this short video.

You love your hair. You want it to reflect who you are in the best way possible by being healthy, happy, and beautiful. To achieve that level of health, sometimes your hair needs a rest. Sometimes that means skipping the shower and the usual processes you submit your hair to. Or maybe you don’t have time to shower, or maybe you’re on vacation, or maybe you just don’t feel like a full-on get-ready routine.

We understand. We all have days where the shower just isn’t part of the plan. But you still want to feel, look, and smell clean. The solution is simple: use a dry shampoo when you can’t have the shower to take away those oils and refresh the way your hair feels and smells. You don’t want to dump a ton of synthetic ingredients on your hair, especially when you’re trying to give it a rest. You can buy dry shampoos, but those can be expensive and filled with those synthetic ingredients you don’t want.

dry shampooCorn starch and cocoa powder are your answer to the dry shampoo products in stores. It’s easy and effective as long as you can resist eating your hair. Yes, it really does smell that fantastic. Simply mix one teaspoon of corn starch with one half teaspoon of cocoa powder. Use a makeup brush to brush it into your hair, paying extra attention to your scalp and roots. Feather it in so it isn’t too thick. You will look and smell delicious. Enjoy it, superstar warriors!

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