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Dazzling, Dip-filled, Holy Holiday Appetizers

party_food_unhealthy_eggs_bacon_dips_chips_pic The holiday season is a time of family, friends, and feasting. It can be glorious if you aren’t gorging on the over-done standard appetizer fare. These foods likely won’t even accommodate all your guests, given today’s reality of numerous dietary restrictions. Add some sparkle to your culinary creations by rethinking the standard veggies and dip or retro stuffed eggs and bacon wrapped chestnuts.You can make your own dazzling dips or simply jazz up your favorite store bought offerings. Try fresh herbs, spices, and infused olive oils such as basil, lemon, or chili. Offer them up in any or all of these veggie platforms and serving suggestions.beet_hummus_bell_pepper_cabbage_red_rosemary_pic Roasted Beet Hummus with bell pepper slabs and Rosemary Hummus on red cabbage tacos!   sunbutter_hummus_veggie_crudites_dip_pic  Sunbutter Hummus with Veggie Cruditieshummus_cucumber_zucchini_boats_pic     Hummus in cucumber or zucchini boatsguacamole_tomato_pesto_chipes_multigrain_cucumbe_pic    Guacamole with lemon zest & Sundried Tomato Pesto roasted_bell_pepper_tapenad_kalamata_olives_pic  Roasted Bell Peppers with Kalamata Olives   Want to really wow your guests? Serve a “small plates” dinner by plating a variety of your selections on or in interestingly shaped white rectangle or square plates, mini bowls, and oriental spoons.Turn your holiday celebrations into the talk of the town with a little creative spirit and a playful approach to displaying (plating) your options.Here are four key tips to make it look like your party was professionally catered:1. Choose great serving platters, plates, glasses, etc.2. Artfully arrange the foods3. Pay attention to the color combos4. Garnish with fresh herbs, colorful spices, infused oils, chopped nuts or seeds, etc.coconut_creme_parfait_pic  Coconut Crème Parfait     Dates_stuffed_cashew_macadamia_butter_nuts_pic  Macadamia Butter Stuffed Dates  double_dark_chocolate_truffles_pic  Double Dark Chocolate Truffles   May your holidays be the best ever to-date and overfill your heart, not your waistline, with love and joy.Teri GentesLifestyle Wellness and Natural Nutrition Coach and Chef


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