Creamy, Berry-licious Smoothie

Healing begins here today with a change in attitude and a new recipe: Start now with this healing creamy, berry-licious smoothie!

Creamy Berrylicious Smoothie

Gracious Living Lifestyle Recipes are all plant-based, raw, vegan, chemical-free, immune boosting, fresh, live, and nutrient dense. They help the body work as efficiently as possible by providing optimal immune health, abundant energy, and top notch peak performance in this life. Every ingredient is unadulterated, unprocessed, non-manipulated, and coming fresh from the earth the way food was meant to be eaten. Every recipe is designed to reduce inflammation in the body and increase healing energy within your body. {myriausz} Every single, easy recipe here will help your body work efficiently and harmoniously.

Let’s keep this fast and simple, not only in the kitchen but also for your body. Let’s increase vitality and healing fast! You will notice the effects on your body’s energy levels right away because every single ingredient provided here is filled with lots of nutrition to energize your body, not take energy away. These recipes are cell friendly, meaning every single ingredient, EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT, in these recipes will have a beneficial effect in the body.

Gracious Living Lifestyle smoothies are high in complete plant protein from the Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Vanilla Protein. They are easy to digest, great for helping the cells of the body to heal, boost metabolism, burn fat, and help with tissue repair and muscle recovery.

Stay hydrated! *Drink 1 whole glass of water before preparing this smoothie.


Creamy Berry-licious Smoothie

Prep Time
Total Time


Creamy Berry-licious Smoothie:

Easy variation: Add ½–1 tsp cinnamon.


Blend all ingredients till divinely smooth and creamy. As you are blending, take five deep breaths, place your hand on your heart and repeat your affirmation. Deep breathing is the fastest way to alkalize the body and calm the mind. Smile, and tell yourself you love yourself. Keep practicing this every day until you believe it.

This is just one of the healing, easy recipes in the BRAND NEW Gracious Living Lifestyle Healing Series E-books with accompanying videos. My passion is helping others heal and prevent diseases, and live the life of their dreams, by teaching them to eat as cleanly as possible. The cleaner we eat, the better our bodies and brains work, giving us clarity and focus to better handle life’s stresses and move in the direction of our limitless potential.

These eBooks contain some of my favorite raw food recipes designed to heal the body rapidly. They are super easy, delicious, and nutrient dense. These recipes were chosen to show you that healthy eating does not have to be complicated or require hours in the kitchen. There are so many variations you can do with these simple, healing recipes. Every recipe includes ingredients that help your cells thrive and work to the best of their ability. The beauty of these ingredients is that they are versatile and easy to use in different kinds of recipes, sweet or savory. We are not only learning to become efficient inside of our bodies, but we are also learning to become more efficient in the kitchen!

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