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Cool Down with a Delicious Vegan Mango Lassi

You don’t have to give up your favorite treats if you know how to make them healthier for you. This yummy Mango Lassi will prove it.mango_lassi_drink_smooth_yummy_pic

Mango Lassi is a famous Indian drink created primarily to cool your body and provide healthy probiotics. This drink is originally made up of mangoes, white sugar, butter milk, and refined salt. Even though it tastes delicious and is fermented, it still isn’t a healthy drink due to the loads of white sugar and milk. As a vegan, one of my main reasons to avoid milk is due to the fact that it is loaded with antibiotics, hormones, and even mucus. Drinking milk creates more acid in our bodies, disturbing our body’s alkaline level, and by consuming antibiotics we are eventually harming our bodies. This combined with processed white sugar leads to skin breakouts, colon problems, yeast infections, and bad insulin levels. The solution? To create a raw vegan healthy version that tastes delicious and is packed with nutrition and healing.

Mangoes are irresistible juicy fruits packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, nutritious malic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid, which build a strong immune system and keep your body alkaline. Mangoes combined with protein-rich almonds high in vitamin E, packed with anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin K, and iron makes this Mango Lassi a high carb and protein drink. This strong base topped with flavorful cardamom and honey provides a drink made in heaven that is delicious, filling, and nutritious. You can also choose a probiotic of your choice from a health store and add it to your drink.


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