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Conquering Chronic Pain: The Natural Approach (Part Two)

Chronic pain is debilitating and frustrating in a sea of modern medicine that seldom offers real relief or end to suffering. But these natural methods might be exactly the miracle you need!

We’ve discussed what chronic pain is and what it means to millions of people. Let’s get back to some of the top inflammation fighters proven to be effective in treating chronic pain related symptoms.

For General Inflammation:

Water: Staying hydrated seems to be a no-brainer, but for many of us it’s never a bad thing to be reminded. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain fluid levels, cushion joints, and to flush inflammatory toxins out of the body.

Vitamins and Minerals: As many of us know, it’s becoming increasingly harder to get all of the vitamins and minerals we need from the produce grown in our depleted soils. A great solution is to supplement with an easily absorbable source such as Liquid Light, or Vitamin Mineral Rush.

Magnesium: This is often hailed as the mineral for muscles. Make sure you get adequate amounts from diet, and supplement with a mineral formula when needed. Aim for a higher dosage when active or healing. 400 mg per day for men and 310 mg per day for women, but remember to increase when needed.

An anti-inflammatory diet: As many of us know, a plant-based diet has been widely hailed as one of the most anti-inflammatory approaches to health. To supplement extra protein, try any of the amazing Sunwarrior plant-based varieties to boost your intake that much more. Eating a diet rich in plants and low in inflammatory sources such as refined grains, sugar, fried foods, and heavy animal sources, is sure to provide relief from the source of chronic pain.

For Circulation and Lymph:

Light rebounding: Who knew that the childhood activity many of us knew and loved could provide such beneficial effects on the body? The lymph system is not self-regulated, as in it has no pump, so we have to move our bodies to get our lymph system pumping. Light bouncing on a trampoline or rebounder can be a great tool to increase circulation and help move inflammation causing toxins captured by our lymph, out of the body.

Stretching and breathing: Two very simple, but profoundly effective methods to help ease inflammation, is practicing a few simple stretches and engaging in deep breathing techniques. Even a few minutes per day can result in greater range of motion and decrease stiffness and other painful side effects of inflammation.

Short walks: Like rebounding, light to brisk walking can greatly improve lymph function and circulation, decrease stress, pump the muscles, and ease stiff joints. Short walks also have a positive effect on mood and pain levels. Find what works best for you, discover a pleasant place to walk, and enjoy the many benefits of one of the simplest and most enjoyable forms of exercise known to man.

Massage and bodywork: If accessible, massage is proven to be helpful in moving lymph, improving circulation, improve flexibility, decrease muscle tension, and providing an overall sense of wellbeing which can in turn decrease pain. Make sure you drink plenty of water after and take it easy the next day while your body responds to the detox initiated by massage.

For Healthy Nerve Functioning

Superfood herbs and mushrooms: If you’re feeling extra adventurous, there are many adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms that all positively affect the nervous system. Lion’s mane has been shown to increase NGF (nerve growth factor) and repair the central and peripheral nervous system, Chinese skullcap to decrease inflammatory cytokine activity, and devil’s claw has been shown to be very specific in relieving neural back pain. Do a little research and I bet you’ll come up with a dozen more which may be perfectly suited to your unique condition.

These are just some of the many holistic options out there for treating the root cause of chronic pain, and arguably disease as a whole. Choose what fits best for your body and your lifestyle and watch how implementing even just a few of these options will make a difference in your health. Above all, even when it seems like you may never escape the vicious cycle of chronic pain, remember: your body is wonderfully designed to heal itself. Never lose hope, and keep your mind focused on healing. It will come!

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