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Coming Out of the Vegan Closet

The only preservative you want in your new plant-based diet is in your relationships. Let us help you tell your friends and family that you’ve decided to transition to a vegan lifestyle.

Author, TV personality, and celebrity chef, Jason Wrobel wears more than a few hats as he juggles his career and life. Another hat on the list, one he proudly wears, includes being vegan. He knows it isn’t always the easiest of lifestyles to adopt, and it can be hard to help others understand the choice, so J-Wro is sharing his list of top techniques to relate to your friends and family as you break the news that you’ve decided to be a healthy plant-eater.

We want to avoid any anger, judgment, hatred, or weirdness on all sides. Jason has been vegan for twenty years and has had the conversation with many family members, so he’s happy to share his experience to make the transition smooth.

First, just break the news, but do so gently. Don’t get defensive, accusatory, or upset. Just give a few of the reasons you chose this lifestyle, like to be healthier, lose weight, extend your lifespan, or feel better. Maybe you want to have a more positive effect on the environment or the animals on this planet of ours. Share these in a calm way to get things started right.

Learn to make delicious food. Share your best recipes with your friends and family gradually. They’ll see that your new diet doesn’t lack all the flavor they suspect it does. Remake familiar family favorites to make your food choices more accessible. {k9fvdzjg} Take your family shopping with you so you can point out all the amazing vegan options.

The most effective technique for J-Wro was living by example. You eat the best you can, enjoy your meals, get healthier, feel better, and they will notice and ask you about it, rather than you needing to push it toward them. It might take them years, but they will notice eventually. Be positive, not condescending or pushy, and people will be more open to you.

Check out the healthy reasons to transition to a vegan diet!

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